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  1. Anyone experiencing any dis-colorization or stains on their cloth seats. My driver seat looks to have a lighter area in the front. Have the 2 tone gray color. Seems hard to clean/remove. Truck only has 3k miles on it!
  2. Yep. Thinking about removing the Readylift blocks and having them machined down a bit to where I want it.
  3. Wondering if the Rough Country 2 inch level kit puts the front end lower than the ReadyLift kit. I purchased the Readylift kit for my new 2019 RST 4x4 and the overall look has the front end looking little higher than back. Also have not had the truck aligned yet. Would this lower the front end some? I do not mind if the front end is slightly lower than the back so wondering if the RC kit would give me this look? Any info and or photos would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Also the pic I added is how I want the truck to look, slight rake in front. Do not have a pic of it with ReadyLift yet but the front looks slightly higher than the back. Pic here I used a jack to get the truck to the level I wanted.
  4. Enthusiast, Truck looks nice with the KO2's. I just bought a RST and will be installing the 2 inch level kit from ReadyLift this weekend. Tires are next but like many others was not sure exactly which ones I want to purchase. Is there any way you can post a few more photos of your truck that has the 285/65r20 KO2's, including a side view? I was thinking about purchasing the 285/60r20 tires but from the one photo you posted I might go with the 285/65r20's. Thanks in advance? Don
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