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  1. Steve M., Mine was at the dealer about 2-1/2 months ago for it's last "fix" and for thee time being it seems to be holding. This statement is made with the acknowledgement that I only have about 600 miles on the truck since then due to the stay at home orders. You may want to have your shop call the one I've been using. The service manager is Jeff an the tech who has been working on my truck is Kyle. The dealership is Riverhead Buick GMC. Their phone number is (631) 406-9079 Mind you, they are still er a partial shut down with many techs out sick. I have an "appointment" for an oil change tomorrow but it's not a typical appointment. No set times ..... leave the keys at the overnight slot ..... call them and then wait in your other car for a call when finished. Same thing at my local Genesis dealership ..... We're taking two cars ... while the Sierra is being serviced we have the Genesis as a waiting room and then we'll wait in the Sierra while the Genesis has an oil change. Wish you luck with the truck , be safe and be healthy. Steve S.
  2. Steve, My 2019 Sierra SLT also had the service back up camera warning which persisted for about 7 months and 8 tries of the dealer to solve. Finally, about 2 months ago they did solve the problem. There is a module behind the back seat that was replaced. So, 2 months and going strong. Steve
  3. Steve, Thanks for your post about the service bulletin. My local servicing GMC dealer had my Sierra for about a week. This was the 8th time it was in for the blue screen " service rear camera". In previous services they had reprogrammed the computer multiple times and done at least 6 updates with No Joy. I would drive out and within 2 or 3 start cycles it would be back, but not always present. This last time they claim to have changed a module behind the rear seat. So far, one week later, no blue screen. I hope this is it.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate your response. My servicing dealer has spoken with GMC many times. They just gave the dealer a list of items and tests to do and things to change. I'm now waiting until they have a loaner for me as the list is extensive and with other recalls on tap as well, they need the truck for a few days. I'll keep you posted as well Steve
  5. Thanks ... I've been asking my dealer ti repace the entire set of cameras nut he's been wasting his time and mine on software. I called him again last eeek and asked him to get an OK from GM ti change all of the cameras
  6. I have 3,800 miles on my 2019 Sierra SLT and have not had a week without camera failures. I either get total camera failure or back p camera failure. The dealer, GMC Riverhead NY has done 6 software"upgrades" and nothing helps. I drive out of the service center and either right away or within 5 cold starts it happens again. This is totally unacceptable. Has any one found a reliable cure that works ALL the time? My dealer tells me I'm the only one they know of with this problem and that GMC tech line has never heard of the problem .... I call BS Anyone who has a found cure ... PLEASE POST IT
  7. OK David .... I think I want this unit .... if the price is right. Please email me directly and tell me what you're asking for it. If you email me your phone number we can speak directly Jediscuba @ Yahoo dot com Steve
  8. David, Please contact me directly .... If priced right, I may be interested in this light assembly with camera. I'm presuming I can fit this to my present 2019 spoiler. Steve jediscuba at Yahoo dot com
  9. Now you're just playing games and this site was meant for better things ... Ciao
  10. In MY universe, anything short of the mammoth size of a Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon XL, Chevy Suburban is in truth ..... less than full size. Remember when the BIG Lincoln Continental was called a full size .... now some folk call cars like the Kia Cadenza ... Buick LaCrosse .... Toyota Avalon full size ???????? If you want to think of the Lexus 570 as full size OK ... you just have less to carry than I do. No fighting ... just a difference in what we consider LARGE
  11. Alas, It's not a FULL size SUV or Pick Up Truck. We also own a fully loaded Acura MDX ................ but it's not a truck.
  12. KevinO ... I know what you mean. I had a 96 Tahoe that a dealer repaired using used parts. The transfer case blew apart and spewed it's contents on the roadway in a snow storm. bottom line, he installed a used and warn E washer to lock a shaft in place. Dang dealer told me to drive it back to him ..... LOL. That dealer went out of business less than a year later. GM bought it back and 2 years later I got a 2001 Yukon XL and enjoyed the rusted out brake lines ... same problem everyone had and GM walked away laughing. I paid for new stainless steel lines and had my local garage install them. I guess I'm dumb ... buying another GM product but Ford is having the same sorts of problems and I didn't want a smaller engine with a turbo. If only Genesis , Lexus or Acura produced a full size vehicle like the Silverado / Sierra / Yukon / Tahoe line up. Products that hold up and dealer service that's worth something.
  13. This has been going on way too long. We as consumers who have paid good faith money for what should be a safe and dependable vehicle have been defrauded by GM. They continue producing the same defective product. Perhaps it's time to start a class action suit or at least bring in the DOT
  14. Kevin, Don't smile so wide. I've had my software reset on my 2019 Sierra SLT 4 times and after 25 to 400 miles it happens again. To add insult to injury ... we shared Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, two of whom have 2019 Silverados. They had not spoken of the problem till I brought it up when they chimed in with the same blue screen experience. Seems like NO ONE AT GM has the slightness idea of how to fix this problem. The manager at my dealership in Riverhead NY told me, hopefull at the start of the New Year they will find out something. Needless to say, he tries to tell me I'm the only one he knows of that is having this problem. Corporate BS
  15. I've tried all sorts of combinations in an attempt to replicate the problem with a degree of reliability so that I can actually demonstrate it to the dealer. I've taken photos of reach time it happens with a time stamp but there is no logic to when and where. At first I thought it was happening more presently at night when the headlights were on but that's not the case. I've tried shifting into gear as soon as I start the truck but that seems to have no effect. It's presently happening once or twice a week. My dealer in Riverhead NY has checked and updated software 4 times to no avail. The last time was a week ago. I drove out and later that same day, bingo, it happened again. They are supposedly trying to get a tier 2 or 3 tech at GM to voice in. THIS SUCKS
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