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  1. I have the BAK Flip 4 on my 2019 Sierra SLT Short Box with the Pro Tailgate .... it works just fine with one minor exception. I had to pull it toward the tailgate to get the seal to meet the top of the gate. When I did that the top section of the gate would not auto drop with the push button unless I gave it a little manual assist. If I push the second button or the remote, the entire gate drops no problem with no manual assistance. Caution to everyone installing one of these. When you install the drain tube, be sure to make sure it goes through the grommet and then straight down. If it goes the slightest but up or in a loop the cover's tracks will not properly drain.
  2. Yes Chris, My SLT has the Premium + and Trailering Packages .... I do have the mirror cameras. We were just about to leave for dinner but I'll try to get you some detailed photos tomorrow. I haven't been able to find the front camera for the New Body Style yet. Lots of guys have it for the earlier body. Those I have contacted say to expect it some time during the first or second quarter of 2020. The LCD Rear View Mirror with camera will set you back about $850. Those parts should be available as soon as GM starts shipping again. You don't have to do any programing as it is a stand alone kit but you do have to drop the headliner. If you come up with some sort of lighting to help with the front end and making turns on very dark nights ... I'd love to hear about it.
  3. YUP ... it's definitely an SLT but with what is called a Technology Package. This package was not originally offered but came to fruition later in production. GMC is still not showing it on their OnLine build sheet for 2019 and the 2020 build sheet is not accessible as of this moment. All of the photos in my last email were taken on the dealer's lot in Riverhead, New York this morning ( 10/8/2019 ) Here's GM's own web page with the different editions pictured https://www.gmc.com/trucks/sierra/1500 You'll note the SLT grill is different from the Denali or the AT4. Here are photos of the Denali and AT4 grills ..... these are off the internet. I could be mistaken but the AT4 grill looks like a painted SLT unit. The SLE SLT and Elevation appear to share the same grill The one pictured below does not have the Technology Package. I VERY carefully examined all the SLE SLT Elevation and AT4 on the lot and hey all had the same very slightly raised pad area for the camera.
  4. I know this sounds super dumb, but lift the rear seat and see if there is anything loose rolling around in the storage area. When I first got mine, every time I went over the railroad tracks near my home I was hearing a dull thumping sound from the rear of the cab. I found my jack and the tools provided weren't strapped down.
  5. I've been back to Riverhead Buick GMC 4 times with similar problems on my 2019 Sierra Crew Cab SLT with the Premium + and Trailering Packages. This Infotainment system belongs in Vegas ... it's a crap shoot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't ...... most often, it dies when you need it the most. I was there again this morning but the Tech who specializes in this problem was out sick ... You'd have thought they would have had the decency to call me and let me know. Instead I drove 40 minutes there and 40 minutes home with no JOY in sight.
  6. Here are better photos depicting the 2019 Sierra SLT, both with and with out the front camera. You'll note that it is mounted on the grill, straight in line below the letter M in GMC. There is a slightly raised mounting pad in the area where the camera gets mounted. It doesn't appear that a new grill would be required to mount a front camera. Though I didn't try to move the camera eyeball on the dealer's truck, it appears to be adjustable for angle. However, reprogramming/flashing or replacing the assembly that drives the LCD screen would have to be done. Steve
  7. This really seems like a no brainer. I could easily measure the camera placement on a Denali at my dealership and make an aluminum mounting bracket which would join the camera to my existing grill. Even it it meant using trial and error, it would be much easier and cheaper than buying an new grill to replace a perfectly good brand new unit. I don't want to be insulting but your response about having to change the grill sounds like an answer I'd expect get from my local dealer looking to sell parts. He doesn't even think it can be done .... and for sure doesn't want to get involved in it. I haven't gotten to take my own photos and measurements yet ... these photos are off of the Internet. You'll note that the AT4 and Sierra grills are almost identical, with the exception of the camera on the AT4 The Denali seems to mount the camera slightly higher but as I said, these are not real measurements. Fabricating a mounting bracket, if need be, to go between my existing grill and the new camera should be a simple thing. It's just a mater of reprogramming the computer or using a splitter of some sort. The 2020 can be equip ed with both the trailering package and 360 vision .... I may just have to wait and see what becomes available.
  8. Chris, Why would I have to change out the grill? Couldn't I just mount a camera to my existing grill.
  9. OnTheReel, You're absolutely right. I contacted the company you suggested. There response was ,,,,, nothing yet. Maybe after the new year. Oh, and I would have to remove my controller and send it to them for reprogramming, rendering my truck useless until the controller comes back. That's something I would be unwilling to do. I'd like to see it handled like the old ABS valve systems where you ordered a rebuilt one and paid a core charge, refundable upon return of the old unit.
  10. Thanks for stepping in and better explaining my lack of a front camera. Since I don't plan on towing a large trailer and have no need for the trailer package ( I have it only because it was on an IN STOCK TRUCK ) is there a way to substitute a front camera? I would really like to have the view you pictured. I have stone walls on my narrow serpentine driveway and the high hood makes it difficult to navigate.. Thanks again, Steve
  11. Thanks, FiatDale ..... I'll add that part to my shopping list Steve
  12. Would you share the part numbers please? Also, besides the camera and mirror .... is there a harness and part number? Thanks, Steve
  13. Thanks, I agree about waiting but it wasn't an option for me. My 2001 Yukon XL was giving up the ghost. I developed a small Evap Leak which would have cost more to fix than the vehicle was worth. Seals on the tank, metal and rubber hoses as well as a rusted out fuel fill. Here in NY ... almost as bad a s California, she couldn't pass inspection. So, with over 170,000 miles I chose to retire her. My dealer offered me what I felt was a very good deal on what had been the NYC Jacob Javits Auto Show truck and I took it. My bad ... not so bad. the price was right and she is beautiful. I saw the beginning of the mirror/camera thread and was waiting for the completion with all the part numbers posted. I guess ... or hope by mid 2020 some of the after market guys and retro fit houses would be offering a complete package at discount the way they have in the past. Thanks for your response. Steve
  14. Please don't get me wrong. The dealer didn't out right lie to me .... but he didn't expound on the fact that I would not be getting the forward view camera. This was not a truck I specially ordered. This specific truck was the GMC Display Vehicle at the NYC Jacob Javits Car Show. The way it was sold to me is that this truck had almost everything that GMC could throw at it. I've been on line fishing for an after market supplier who could offer me a switcher that would permit me to add on the front camera. I have yet to try the one you just suggested and will follow up on this. I'm not towing a large trailer and would give up that input to gain the forward view, if need be. I don't think I'd need to change the grill as the Denali and 4AT both have the camera. There is probably a way to do an aftermarket camera which would just clip or screw t the existing grill. It's just a mater of time for the after market to catch up. The 2020 SLT will have it offered and use the same grill I have now. GMC did a lot of things I'm not happy with, but that's life and there is always the next truck. The LDC rear view mirror/camera was an option on the 4AT and standard in the Denali .............. but not even an option on the SLT even with the Premium + package ... WHY? Something I'll be doing as an after market. Since it does not go through the onboard computer or Infotainment I should be able to drop the headliner and install it myself as soon as the parts become available. The truck is basically blind at night when making turns on back country roads. It lacks peripheral lighting. Even the fogs don't reach to the side corners close by. Something I can cure, but I want to do it so that it looks like GM did it. This goes for backing up as well. The little LED bulbs in the sealed rear tail lights are all but useless. I'll post my work around when I complete it. The cameras, in the forward drive position are supposed to stay active until you reach about 10 miles an hour but mine turn off after 30 seconds. This renders them all but useless. Adaptive cruise control is another lacking feature on the 2019's The cameras are their as you do get a warning when rapidly approaching another vehicle. There is no reason not to have it. I hear the 2020's will .......... so says the grape vine. Bottom line, I think GMC released this truck before it was test proven. They are using the market as their testing ground. AND ..... I'm one of the guinea pigs.
  15. Exactly how I feel. I'm losing respect and trust with GM. Looks like in 2020 they may offer a REAL 360 degree vision. TOO LATE FOR ME !
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