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  1. KevinO ... I know what you mean. I had a 96 Tahoe that a dealer repaired using used parts. The transfer case blew apart and spewed it's contents on the roadway in a snow storm. bottom line, he installed a used and warn E washer to lock a shaft in place. Dang dealer told me to drive it back to him ..... LOL. That dealer went out of business less than a year later. GM bought it back and 2 years later I got a 2001 Yukon XL and enjoyed the rusted out brake lines ... same problem everyone had and GM walked away laughing. I paid for new stainless steel lines and had my local garage install them. I guess I'm dumb ... buying another GM product but Ford is having the same sorts of problems and I didn't want a smaller engine with a turbo. If only Genesis , Lexus or Acura produced a full size vehicle like the Silverado / Sierra / Yukon / Tahoe line up. Products that hold up and dealer service that's worth something.
  2. This has been going on way too long. We as consumers who have paid good faith money for what should be a safe and dependable vehicle have been defrauded by GM. They continue producing the same defective product. Perhaps it's time to start a class action suit or at least bring in the DOT
  3. Kevin, Don't smile so wide. I've had my software reset on my 2019 Sierra SLT 4 times and after 25 to 400 miles it happens again. To add insult to injury ... we shared Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, two of whom have 2019 Silverados. They had not spoken of the problem till I brought it up when they chimed in with the same blue screen experience. Seems like NO ONE AT GM has the slightness idea of how to fix this problem. The manager at my dealership in Riverhead NY told me, hopefull at the start of the New Year they will find out something. Needless to say, he tries to tell me I'm the only one he knows of that is having this problem. Corporate BS
  4. I've tried all sorts of combinations in an attempt to replicate the problem with a degree of reliability so that I can actually demonstrate it to the dealer. I've taken photos of reach time it happens with a time stamp but there is no logic to when and where. At first I thought it was happening more presently at night when the headlights were on but that's not the case. I've tried shifting into gear as soon as I start the truck but that seems to have no effect. It's presently happening once or twice a week. My dealer in Riverhead NY has checked and updated software 4 times to no avail. The last time was a week ago. I drove out and later that same day, bingo, it happened again. They are supposedly trying to get a tier 2 or 3 tech at GM to voice in. THIS SUCKS
  5. Hazem, Was dropping the entire headliner a must? Did you have to remove the seats? I looked at an A1 You Tube video and it looked like a nightmare. Some of you guys are a lot more courageous than I. This is a brand new truck to me and I'm worried about damaging the headliner. Steve
  6. Picture of 2018 switch ... but not applicable to 2019
  7. A while back I ran across a You Tube video about changing out the headlight control to include an Off-Road position. Now that I have a new T1 Sierra SLT I was contemplating doing something similar and having it look factory installed. My truck has the fog lights and perimeter lighting. Has anyone done this mod or researched parts. I've gone to a few GMC parts web sites but have not found an appropriate control or instruction on You Tube. I guess the truck may be too new. The You Tube page I was watching is : youtube.com/watch?v=4fESc7THdsQ
  8. Thanks again Dale ..... I just watched this video from A1 Auto on YouTube and it seams like a REAL PITA job. Hints and or tricks would be GREATLY appreciated. Steve
  9. You're real lucky if the local GM dealership only charges $95 and hour for labor. My local shop gets $150. At that rate, this is going to be a DIY job or not at all. Steve
  10. Dale, Thanks for the write up and the correction on the shopping list. You've done this group a big service. What had confused me was the need for a camera/light and then the spoiler. So, if I hear you correctly, the spoiler has the light, camera and then cable ... but you still need the extender cable. My concern, as others have voiced, is our ability or lack there of to remove and reinstall the headliner without damaging it. Are there instructions on line some place or did you just work your way through it? Thanks again, Steve
  11. Fighting Major ..... I'm with you. I'd like to see a parts description with part numbers and prices all in one place. As for having to buy the entire spoiler .... there must be a work around. What I'm hearing is that you first need to buy the light and camera assembly, then a new spoiler only for the cable. $300 for the spoiler with a cable sounds absurd when I know I can make a cable. Connectors are just that ... only connectors. Cutting off proprietary connectors and swapping them to BNC is no big deal. Both male and female inline connectors are readily available for under $2 each. a short length of RG194 coax is under a $1 Steve
  12. Hi FiatDale, OK, I've been following your thread but am now just a tad confused. If I read you right, in order to do this addition you need the following parts: 1- Lamp With Camera 2- Complete spoiler 3- Front Coax Any other parts? Questions: Is the coax a simple 2 conductor wire with a shield and inner conductor? Is it possible to cut off the GMC connectors and make your own cable with BNC connectors? For the insight of those who want to emulate your project, may I ask you to post individual photos of the components with their part numbers and approximate prices? This looks like it ends up being a rather expensive project. Thanks, Steve
  13. As my hero, Peter Pan, might have said .... Not Me .... or is it Not I ...... With out spell check I'm a disaster. Between that and being a little dyslexic ... well you get the picture
  14. As I said, it's really up to the individual. I actually prefer the look of the T1 to the K2 hands down. Same thing with the Suburban/Yukon 2007 up to 2020 .............. to me these all looked like hearse wanna be vehicles. I'm looking forward to seeing what the 2021 Suburban/Yukon do with their sheet metal. Not to be disparaging at all, but we all need to at least try spell check. I've found that my own comments are given less credence when I make spelling or grammatical errors.
  15. Actually, Many of us opted to wait for the T1 because we didn't like the look of the front end on the K2. I would have waited till 2020 if the Yukon XL was going to adopt the T1 but looks like that won't happen until 2021 or later. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and taste. I hated the 2016-20 Yukons because to me, they looked like a hearse.
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