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  1. I got the spray in liner and was thinking of just opting for the floor portion of the bed rug. just to keep the stuff from sliding around and to give padded protection on the floor for tailgating. did not know how it covered the multi pro tailgate.
  2. 6.2 10 speed best combo. A thread is on the web talking about break in and first service. Rear window leak.
  3. I went with the MX4 hard folding got a good deal on it at the time. I was torn between the X4 revolver and the new sentry roll up. Only thing i was concerned with was how it would roll up in cold temps during the winter months.
  4. If you go goggle Du Ha Storage then go to accessories shows pictures of tool and how it mount in the bed.
  5. Pretty Strong tool made out of aluminum. If you use your truck bed at all it is really handy getting items from the front of the bed. As far as the mounting question it came with tow self tapping screws to mount into bed. Did not want to go this route got some 3M panel bond and mounted it to the side of bed. Bought one for a contractor buddy said he uses it every day did not know what he would do with out it. Web site say 100lbs it can handel
  6. My experience coming from a 2016 to a 2019 Pros Motor- Absolutely love the 6.2 liter motor. like the extra hp and cannot notice fuel mileage difference from the 5.3 motor. Transmission- 10 speed transmission is way better than my HP tuned truck with 8-speed transmission. Interior size- I notice the interior cab size seem more spacious than previous model. Fuel Management System- 2019 is way less noticeable than the 2016 model. You barely notice the deactivation on new system. Mirrors- Better rear view vision from previous truck like the new location of them plus the blind spot is a plus also. Bluetooth- It seems to sync better than the old. The old system would lose connection and have to re sync. Wireless Phone Charging- The new one seems to charge much faster than the old. Transfer Case- Most recent during the bad weather changed from 2wd to 4wd while on the traveling switched much better than before. Tailgate- Like the new multi pro tailgate. I like the remote down and how it functions. So far with 9500 miles on the truck I have not experienced and mechanical failures or recalls for the following. Rear window leak Vibration or Shake Electronic issues Transmission problems Just my .2 cents hope this helps
  7. DU-HA storage and the go to acesories to find the do hookey item
  8. One of the best mods that I have used with my truck. Tool is extendable and lets you get items that have moved forward in the truck bed. Has a tip that lets you go under five gallon jugs an pull the back. Price for it ranges from 35-40 dollars. I used panel bond to attach to mount to side of bed rather that drilling to mount. google it on you tube thay have some other good storage items for your truck also. Hopes this helps to all
  9. Boost automotive has a product that does have the mirror lights on with high beam but does not have a way to shut off and on. also some do not like the T-tap connection and would rather use a diode method of this mod.
  10. very lengthy and informative includes window frame issues, to 2 glass manufactures, and early build dates to now into 2020 production dates.
  11. ya could be the rear window leaking letting moisture inside the cab. Kinda like detailing a vehicle and shampooing the carpet it will condensate on the inside of the windows if not completely dry.
  12. no level on the truck watched a video on you tube on how to level
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