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  1. I think it might have something to do with rain..did you notice yours in the rain also? Thinking something’s getting wet
  2. Bump for this thread. I’ve noticed similar issues. Lately have a weird static that comes and goes. I posted a thread about it. Keep us posted if anyone figure sit out
  3. Hey folks I know the trucks too new for most of you guys to have this issue but I recently started getting static feedback on my new stereo. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a phone call, radio, Sirius, or car play. Certain times the truck will just have this static and if I shut it off and restart it will go away. Any ideas?
  4. So, whats everyone paying for their 2019 Silverado LD or Sierra Classic body style? TAX TAG TITLE excluded If you could, drop by and say how much you paid and the model you got. I'm down in south FL and just would like to see the kind of prices and if its worth getting this model
  5. I’ve seen the reviews but the truth is that it’s worth a try. My parents got a brand new suburban from them in 2016 for 35k. The dealership tried to get more money saying they didn’t qualify for rebates. I told my parents to walk out of the showroom and in the end the sales people chased them to come back and get the truck for the advertised price. As long as you’re ready to walk, it’s worth trying a lot of places
  6. Bomnin Chevrolet has the best deals. You have to qualify for the incentives though. It’s located in Doral I believe. Look them up
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