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  1. Heh... no that wouldnt be me... I live in south east wisconsin by kenosha.... Im usially cruising around on the weekends through there... so if your lucky..
  2. How bout when it starts warming up a lil and the snow starts to melt.. lets plan for that.. Im down..
  3. Hey Hey... Im up for a trip.. How far is appleton from Kenosha?? Id be up for it in the spring... when I could throw on the 35's again
  4. Geez.... I havent been in this section in who knows how long.. Nothing new I see tho..
  5. I live right across the street from illinios. By Richmond
  6. Whats going on in here? Are we trying to set up another meeting?
  7. Any of you guys have experiences with Suspension lifts? I will be getting one soon I hope. Just wondering. thanks
  8. Im from Twin Lakes, Wi right across the street from il.
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