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  1. What's Up Everyone New Member here! My name is Chad and I am from Dallas, TX 34 years old and I have a 2018 LT Double Cab Silverado. I love Chevy trucks and Vettes. My truck is my baby and currently I have a Inez Hot Rod 4/6 drop with Belltech Sport Performance shocks on rear. OEM Cadillac Escalade Chrome 24" wheels, single Magnaflow exhaust dumped behind the cab, K&N Cold Air Intake, LSX Unlimited Street Tune, upgraded factory Center Console and debadged the entire truck. I also just recently did a full paint correction and 5 year ceramic coating to entire truck, plastic trim, glass and wheels inside and out. I am looking into doing some motor work soon, brake upgrade and suspension upgrade in front. Look forward to chatting amongst you all and if you are in Dallas/Ft Worth area lets collaborate and make friends. Also if on Instagram give me a follow and I will follow back @1BADSLV18
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