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  1. Wanted to give an update in case anyone else might ever need this. The GM parts person hooked me up on the down low with a part number. It's "reinforcement 12474022" and it costs like $128 EACH bracket! The lowest I found was EBAY for around $70. $150 for 2 L brackets is a hard pill to swallow. This is what the ATS sales guy told me... I feel like being a sales person, he is being very cool not pushing the sale and giving me that bit of info but I'm still worried about strength. Any opinions?
  2. I am looking for the bracket that is riveted to the frame and connects to the rear leaf spring hanger with the lower shackle bolt. Anybody know of a part number for this? My hangers, shackles, and these brackets were all so rusted out I was one rough bump away from my leaf spring being in my bed. Thanks.
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