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  1. Alright guys, curiosity overcame my laziness and im back to working on the yukon. so i replaced the o2 sensors again with new bosch ones. its no longer throwing any codes and while in neutral runs great! the heavy rich smell from the exhaust is gone so she is finally fueling as it should. however it was acting down right stupid during my test drive again. Acceleration is non existent unless i floor it. it will accelerate slowing, eventually reaching 5500 rpm where it will hang for a few seconds, then bang into second. second is lethargic as well everywhere in that gear. once it gets into 4th gear and tc lock up it starts shuddering like mad. all of this is now leading me towards the transmission having issues. im still reading and researching the diagnosis portion of it all but figure you guys might have some faster, more pinpoint insight for me. appreciate everything you all have done for me thus far in taking care of this pig's issues!!!
  2. Yeah it was a one time event, it was perfectly full before hand and it's been up to the full mark since. Strange
  3. Every part so far has been acdelco, no silicone was used in the intake gaskets. I'm using my Bosch handheld code reader to pull codes. I'll be digging into it further later this week. Something isn't right, I went out this morning to move it and it bogs down and stalls as soon as you push on the go pedal. I just need to retrace my steps, with my luck I probably left a vac line off somewhere. Coolant level hasn't dropped since I bought it, I did have a concern about it using oil recently ( 2 months ago) after It was 2 quarts low for no good reason.
  4. Okay, this Yukon is on my last nerve right now. Got the new o2 sensors in last night and had my wife drive it to work today. She said it had zero power getting on the highway and she could barely get up to speed to merge. Pulled codes tonight and the list includes: P0332 P0174 P0171 P0151 P0131 Basically o2 low voltage, knock sensor, lean bank 1 and 2. I'm at my wit's end with this piece of lovely engineering. Luckily we have enough back up vehicles that this thing is getting parked for the foreseeable future. Anyone want a parts vehicle?
  5. So I haven't gotten to the o2 sensors yet, apparently Rock Auto has a miss type on their description for their denso sensors which led me to get the downstream ones, not upstream. No big deal for now. Pulled codes again and not liking what I saw. There was a lean code on bank 1 (probably from my screwing around with the o2's earlier) and the o2 sensor low voltage code again, but the concerning code was knock sensor 2 low voltage. I cleared them out and will see how she fairs this week. Proper o2's are on order now as well
  6. New harness, all new gaskets ( valley cover and intake manifold, egr pipe) and sealed the donuts that cover the sensor holes with plenty of rtv.
  7. Knock sensors replaced, what a difference! Power is better than ever and runs great again. Still throwing codes for the upstream o2 sensors but I'll be swapping them out tomorrow. I'm not sure the knock sensors have ever been replaced considering the condition they were in.
  8. Thanks for your help! I'll get through replacing this first round of stuff and report back.
  9. Thanks all! I'm about an hour East of Colorado springs out here on the prairie. Once I get this Yukon running better I'll be looking at a few mods.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Maintenance history is non existent unfortunately. I know it came from new mexico and appeared to have been taken care of to a degree. I'm a heavy diesel mechanic for work so I'm more tuned to working on compression ignition engines lol but I have already done the basic tune up when I bought it. Plugs and wires. This is also my first GM vehicle, I'm normally a Ford guy. I was really looking for any gm specific bug and common causes just like my more familiar Ford's have. I'll go ahead with new o2 sensors and get the knock sensors replaced as well. Anything else I should look at doing while I'm in that deep? The mechanic in me hates having to go into something that far just to do it again later for something cheap and simple. It does have a few broken exhaust manifold bolts as well. Also 210,000 miles.
  11. Hey all, my wife's 2001 Yukon XL, 5.3, has been acting up quite a bit lately and I keep some input from some more experienced folks. Ive only had it for a few months, got it for a good price for what it is. Needed some cosmetic work but drivetrain was solid until lately. It's been throwing a p0131 O2 sensor input low as well as a p0332 knock sensor. We went for a trip this weekend and took my truck, when we got back my wife tried to start the Yukon and it would try to catch but was acting like it was flooding out. Stumbling and just barely keep enough rpm to stay running. It has very little power going down the road at cruise, it will pick up speed once the rpms get up to 4500 but anything lower and you aren't accelerating at all. I've checked the wiring to the o2 sensors and they all appear to be fine. Is the next step replacing them or am I missing something else. Oh and it's also thrown a random misfire code during hard acceleration. Thanks for any and all help! Red
  12. Hey y'all, new to the site and to gm vehicles for the most part. I'm Red, bought a 2001 Yukon XL a few months ago as a flip vehicle before my wife's Jeep got totaled out by hail, she ended up falling in love with it. This is my first gmc that I've owned, all my trucks are Ford. Thanks for having me!
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