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  1. yeah got to stay away from all the marketing where half tons can be configured to tow 10,000+ lbs. To tow comfortably and safely, thats 2500 territory and always will be. Dan
  2. things I miss about my 14 -prefer traditional tailgate handle. Have a hard time getting my tailgate released with the button because tonneau cover has a bit of pressure on tailgate and sometimes takes 10 tries with the stupid button to get open. -14 rode smoother -14 had a bit softer seats -14 had actually better lighting with a more effective high beam. 19 looks more modern though -14 had much better radio FM range Everything else on my 19 RST is much better. Many feel the interior needs updating, but I find it practical and allot of small improvements
  3. Just a FWI, I've kept my snow tire/rims off my 14 silverado to use on my 19 RST and as previously outlined, they do not fit my 19 as they don't clear the bigger front callipers. Obviously the OEM 17s would fit, but whenever going with an aftermarket steel rim, they usually have a different inner profile. Definitely try before buying. Dan
  4. Any update on this? Top of my handle pops out almost every time I put a load on tailgate. I have yet to do any recalls on my truck so I'll see if thats on the list. Dan
  5. I vote to also keep the column shifter. It's a truck and although the column shifter to some is old school, it does have practicality to it while maintaining a truck status IMO. I find the dial shifter on Ram kinda dorky and the floor shifter on Ford just takes up valuable storage space. Column shifters are out of the way and easy to reach....I wouldn't mess with it. Dan
  6. I have the regular tailgate on my silverado and the top part of handle pops loose every time I put any weight on the tailgate when open. (same as your photo) Always need to pop back in only to pop out again. Not sure if there is a fix for this, but I'll see if dealer has a remedy when I get my brake recall done. Dan
  7. I think many are too worried on oil life when marketing drives in false sense of security to change your oil often. In Canada, before our metric system, it was recommended to change oil at 5000 miles. Probably not abnormal given engine tolerances and oil quality was no where near todays standards. Then we switched to the metric system and dealerships took the opportunity to cash in on oil change intervals remaining at 5000, but now in kms, which is only 3106 miles. This slowly changed through time, but there still is a strong following on that old mind thought. I work with heavy equipme
  8. I already swapped them out, but you do have a good point. It looks like the caliper/rotor combo measurement is about 15" and although my winter rims are "17", they do have an inner lip that does dip down to around the 15" mark. So seeing that something caused an issue, I can only bet that is the culprit. thx Upload a couple pics.....hard to see the inner lip as I oiled up the rims good. Camera played a trick as the winters are actually about 2" less height then stocker Dan
  9. yes same winters I had on my 14. Winters are 17" rims/265 tires. I believe the base Silverado's also come with 17" rims and haven't noticed any clearance issues. At this point the only thing I can think of is the tire pressure sensors are needed so that it doesn't cause a fault. Really weird. Dan
  10. Just put back my summer 20s and my brakes released for whatever reason so truck is now at least mobile. But unfortunately all the codes are still there and brakes work very poorly. My truck has over 20,000 kms and shortly after new I did get all the same codes come on when I took a highway onramp quickly. It then somehow reset itself same day when truck was off for a bit and had no problems afterwards till now. Hoping it resets itself as I'll experiment today.....Gonna call my dealer in morning if it doesn't resolve itself. These fault codes drastically increases brake distance in winter condi
  11. Oh yes tried many things before signing up on here. I'm kind of guessing it might be linked to the tire pressure sensors being absent thus causing a fault. Also noticed my stock 20" rim/tires are about 2" taller then my winters, which I assumed the fitment/size would have been same as my 14 Silverado, which had 18" rims and 275 tires. In process of putting on my reg 20" rims/tires and see what happens from there....thx Dan
  12. MY issue is opposite on my 19 RST. Just installed my snow tires in garage and now my brakes are stuck on with all the same codes on dash others are seeing. I torqued rims to 140 lbs and also tried 120 to see if the torquing caused an issue. Also disconnected the battery to see if it would reset the faults, which didn't work. So now I'm stuck with my truck in garage so not a happy camper. Wonder if its something small like air pressure sensors in stock tires out of range or something? Never had any issues with my 14 Silverado when switching to the same snow tires other then having the low air p
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