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  1. I'd google the trouble code and see what comes up on the location of the sensor.
  2. This isn't a ford. These have the squeeze clamps and are tucked behind the ac dryer and heater box so they are in a real bad blind spot. Real tough to get to for sure.
  3. My heater control valve developed a leak and when I touched the hoses one of the nipples broke off completely. I bought a new one but it seems I can't get up in there to get the hoses loose from the valve or the heater core. I've looked for videos and write ups on what needs to be removed and didn't find anything detailed. I started to try to just take loose the box but I can't find all the bolts/screws holding it on the firewall. My ac leaked so it is already empty of freon. I figure I'll replace the heater core while I'm at it since it is original. I've see the videos on that at least. Does anyone have a link to a good video or write up for the removal of the blower motor box on the firewall? Or any clues on how to take it loose? Thanks.
  4. Txab that was my plan to just buy the fittings and be done with it but noone had the correct one including extensive internet searches. I went to Lowe's and got a box of #10 o-rings. The last time I did it the fix has lasted a few years so I'll see how this does. It was just a pain to find the correct o-ring to fit in the fitting. Once I got to Lowe's and was looking at the boxes of o-rings it started to come back to me which ones I bought last time.
  5. Anyone know the size of the o-ring that goes inside the fitting that screws into the radiator for the oil cooler? Mine is leaking bad. I replaced the radiator years ago and can't match this fitting with anything on the internet or local auto shops. I thought I got a basic radiator from NAPA years ago but even they have no clue on these fittings (NAPA guy mic'd the threads and said 22mm). Last time this happened I just replaced the o-rings but I've lost that info through the years and can't find it anywhere. I've already picked the old o-rings out (was hard as a rock on the top one so broke into pieces) so I'm without my work van until I can get o-rings. Thanks for any help.
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