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  1. Thank you for the replies. I should of replaced the pump and cage long ago because of how it acts up. A buddy had a good used setup from a truck he parted, and the plan was to try that cage and a new pump, but i'm pretty sure that's been tossed now. When the tranny acts up the gauges are going haywire as well. The truck has never not started up, and the tranny has never acted up without the gauges going haywire at the same time, but only once can i remember it running rough during the tranny acting up. It has never acted up past like 30-35 mph. Sometimes when the gas gauge acts up it drops
  2. I have a 02 Sierra 1500 Z71 that has a shorting out issue. The gas gauge has been wonky since i bought it. To begin with if you had like 1/8-1/4 tank and stopped hard the gauge would not come back up after bottoming to the E on the stop. The truck would have issues now and then on the start (in my driveway in park) with the wipers not turning off past the slowest intermittent speed after clearing the windshield. Twice the issue also included the truck's engine missing, gauges going haywire , and i had to pedal it to keep it running. Shutting it down and restarting "solved" the proble
  3. Well I was wrong. It was a leak! A line burst on the outside of driver frame rail. My buddy tried to patch it with a compression fitting, and had to pry it from the clip on the frame to do it. Well... once together that line burst again where the factory bend goes over the rail. Perhaps prying it out made another weak spot . Fixed with a new piece of line from ABS unit to union of existing line. Now I can't get the front brakes to bleed. Just a bubble, or dribble. Been around the truck 6 ? times, and still nothing. Parked it on a steep incline looking for some help from gravity, but no dic
  4. With the truck running... The pedal goes to floor feeling like mush the last inch. With truck off it feels like it "pumps up" a bit with more resistance, but still goes to the floor. I started the truck after pumping them this way, and they still won't hold the truck in gear past idle.
  5. No leaks seen under hood or truck on drivers side frame rail . I had a hard line replaced there last yr along with all the bleeders and a pass side ABS sensor.
  6. I lost the brakes on my 250K 02 Sierra yesterday. The ABS braking has been acting up the last 4-5 days during say... 1 out of 6 normal stops. Doing the typical GM moaning and groaning it does if it's slippy out or the rd is very bumpy at a stop sign BS. Doing that under normal conditions though. I couldn't make it do this when I tried several times, so not sure why that is. My reservoir is 1/4 " low of fill line, and I don't suspect that's related to this there's no seeps or leaks I can see under the hood or under the truck anywhere. I pulled the ABS fuse and the only differe
  7. I have a 02 GMC sierra 1500 and I've had a vibration/noise under my truck since summer. Long story short after replacing the rear, I believe we've narrowed it down to the push button transfer case. I felt it was binding up the few times I've used the 4wd since buying the truck last yr. My mech replaced the case with a used one I found with fairly low miles. After putting it in he had no dash lights, and only low gear in the trans. I google it, and found a post with a procedure of how pushing certain dash buttons etc to (sych ) everything. He said his scanner told him that too?
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