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  1. Yep I'm having issues with audio as well. Mine is a LT with upgrade radio and while driving the sound quits and I have to change stations to get to work, then when starting the truck audio does not work and have to change channels to get to work.
  2. David, mine is the standard bed and I don't have the camera at the CHMSL but the cover does not cover the lamp but I don't know if it would block your view to the hitch. Maybe the supplier would know. Hope this helps. Mike
  3. Your 1500 is different-you are right, I hated my 2017 GMC 1500 6 speed transmission and only drove it 2100 miles in 2 1/2 years. They set that 1500 up for fuel economy and torque management and the only thing that would make it better is a programmer. With that said the new gas in the HD trucks with the 6 speed is a lot smoother. It could use a couple more gears. Ford has the 10 speed and Ram has the 8 speed. I drove the Ram and the trans was slick. Also with the new HD gas GM didn't install all that crappy fuel economy stuff like deactivation cylinders, torque management among others. I just love the small block 400 and V8 technology from 1955!!
  4. Eric you have hit the nail on it's head. Diesel's are great but with the government involved, cost to repair and downtime I went with gas. I won't be in hurry when towing anyways.
  5. I got a few things done on my 2020 Silverado 2500HD last week. 1) B & W Companion 5th wheel slider hitch with gooseneck 2) Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover 3) Kleinn HK5 Air Horns 4) Front windows tinted (legal) with partial windshield. 5) In-channel AVS window deflectors 6) Installed Silver decals on rear tailgate (Chevrolet) 7) Putco 60 inch tailgate light bar. Still on the list is a front brush guard with lights (none available that I like at this time) & Magnaflow Exhaust not available as of yet.
  6. That's a great question. Because I always thought max tongue weight comes from GVWR (10000 lbs) subtract curb weight of vehicle (7148) equals 2852 lbs which is max payload. My sticker says 2490 lbs max gooseneck. I think they are taking 10% from front axle rating and subtracting from max payload. Just a thought.
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