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  1. On April 19th 2021, my Chevy Silverado 3500 caught fire, and the whole cab burnt before the fire department could put it out. I was pulling a gooseneck with an excavator in tow, the guy following me to the new job got up next to me and told me my truck was on fire, and I immediately started to pull over, when the truck immediately had the check engine light come on , engine died and I could smell brake fluid. I got out and discovered that the whole wheel well was burning , on the driver side. I popped the hood and grabbed my fire extinguisher and shot it in the gap in the hood, but by that point it had zero effect. Now I'm dealing with the insurance company, any ideas what caused it? And has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I need to know what to tie into to make my electric over hydraulic brake controller to work, everything is so packed up under the dash, and no slack what so ever. What do you recommend?
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