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  1. Before and after the lift. My profile picture is what goes in the big trailer.
  2. Wow that second pic looks almost exactly like my complex. Hope I can remember to snap a pic today when I get home.
  3. So I am hoping someone can help me out here. 2019 Sierra Limited. Bought the proper switch panel, got the pigtails I needed, pulled it all apart and 10-13 are occupied. Pull the Junction block (X61A) near the e-brake, 21 has the red/white and other wires as described above. Open the fuse block and there are no terminals where the relays and fuses are supposed to go. So I am assuming I need a new fuse block, what part number? and then if the wires go from the fuse block back to X61A then I would need a connector for X61a with outputs. (?)
  4. Them frame plugs would be nice on my 19LD. 3"F/2"R lift, Ultra wheels with 270/60, Airlift bags and just installed the Blackhorse roll bar. Will be doing a bunch of lights this weekend with the factory AUX switches thanks to this forum. Its filthy because my state loves to throw salt down in the rain.
  5. It's a Jayco Octane 222SL. They have a 161 which is smaller, this is the middle and they have a 260(?). They are all 1/2 ton. There are a couple others but I didn't want anything too big. I'll PM you some more pics of you would like.
  6. New guy here. Had a 2015 Elevation, loved it, put 78K on it and thought I was getting tired of the black rims so I bought a 2019 Limited Elevation. Swapped the black running boards for chrome. Threw some air bags to help with ride quality when I'm towing the toy hauler. Ended up missing the black wheels so I bought some aftermarket ones. And of course couldn't stay stock so I went with 20x9 Ultra Machine with 275/60-20 Hankook Dynapro AT and got a 3"F/2"R lift so they fit, only get a little rub when backing up with the wheels locked to the right. Have a Black Horse Atlas roll bar on order and some LED lighting, also thinking about Yakima roof rack with a basket and awning off the right side.
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