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  1. Oh the air hammer seems like a great idea, I’ll have to pick one up and try that out, thanks for that. I’ll check the holes and do a little more research to see if they are meant to be or what the deal is, thank you
  2. The liner is a spray in, I’ll look into having it redone completely, seeing that the concrete is also bothering me a little bit. I’ll try vinegar on the hitch for sure, thanks for that idea
  3. Morning! I recently purchased a 2015 Silverado 2500 for myself and I’ve come across a few things I didn’t know if anyone else had experience with. 1.) the previous owner had what I assume was a toolbox bolted into the bed and removed it when he sold it so there are about 10 small screw holes through the bed liner, didn’t know if there was a good way to weathertight seal these. 2.) there is some dried concrete in the bed liner and some comments I saw were that chemicals used to remove it also ate away the bed liner so I’m trying to avoid those ones. Not sure if there was a good way to remove it. 3.) the trailer hitch sleeve reducer was left in for a while and has rusted into the hitch itself, I’ve tried hammering it from inside out, using WD-40 and a couple other products with no progress at all.
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