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  1. The only code I got was p0300b engine misfire detected I have talked to people I know but not thousands of them like I can here No cylinder head bolts broke, the bolts that go into the cylinder head that hold the intake down either stripped or backed themselves out One thing I did forget to mention was that it ate a little less than a qtr tank of fuel in about 10 miles after the check engine light started flashing and would not stay running at idle but could get it started if I peddled the throttle while trying to start it Hopefully this info helps
  2. Hey everyone, new guy here so hopefully my question landed in the right spot, so my 2005 5.3 non flex Tahoe with 240k on it started slowly loosing coolant and burning oil on start up sometimes just a lil smoke other times a cloud but always cleared up after a minute or less, it got to the point I was burning a quart of oil every 500ish miles, after some research and talking to a few buddies that are certified mechanics I made the decision to get some remanufactured heads and replace the old ones, I'm no certified mechanic but have been wrenching on vehicles for 15-20 years so I decided to tackle the job myself, everything went smooth until I went to torque the intake down, on the first pass in sequence to 44in lbs all the bolts torqued as they should, on the second pass to 89in lbs bolts 6 & 7 stripped the threads out of the cylinder head so I got ahold of the company I got them from and they had me send it in for review and ended up sending me another head, head gasket, bolts and intake gaskets. I was concerned my old click style torque wrench might have been part of the issue so I decided to get a new digital one just to be confident I was actually hitting the correct torque specs, so after getting all the new stuff on the intake torqued down as it should. The truck started up and ran smooth when I was done with no check engine lights on, so off I went taking it easy on her for awhile, well then I got on the hwy one day about 1000 miles after the job was done and kicked it down to merge I to traffic and then the check engine light was flashing, I made it home and started looking into what it could be and notice the rubber grommet on multiple intake bolts were no longer compressed like they were when I torqued them down, I haven't had the time to look into it any further but I assume they stripped out, any help is appreciated, sorry about the book but I wanted to be as detailed as possible
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