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  1. My understanding (based on my manual) is that the passenger side mirror does not auto-dim, and that the drivers side and this camera mirror each have their own sensor.
  2. I tested mine before pulling the headliner. I unplugged the stock mirror so I could get power to the new mirror. I did not utilize the brake light, I simply used the new cable and tested the camera inside the take off spoiler I had, and it worked. It's a closed system, the mirror should be blue with power, and show video when you hook up the camera. I'm not sure how the camera got power, since it looked simply like a coax cable. However, it must have power over that cable as well. I think the brake light is separate entirely.
  3. Don’t you have to involve infotainment software updates to upgrade the mirrors?
  4. Don't know, haven't had it long enough, and it's winter here. I suspect not, because of where it is, that part of the truck is far less prone to dirt compared to the tailgate.
  5. So in my opinion, I find it much more useful at night than the mirror. I am able to makeup a lot more of what's behind me other than just headlights. However, it is winter here, so 70% of what I see is white However, day or night, I rarely use the mirror anymore. Here are some more thoughts: Colors are more washed out than the mirror. It's a high res screen, but clarity and color can't compare with the mirror. I was also tempted to zoom in all the way in order for objects to appear the same distance in either mode. This probably makes things even less clear because I suspect
  6. So on a hunch, I put a voltmeter on my battery, 12.4. Hooked up a charger for an hour, 12.6 (which is close to what a charged 12v should be). First trip out, auto-stop started working again. I don't do anything crazy, don't listen to the radio with the engine off, or use the outlet in the bed. Point being: when you have the dealership do an update, remind them 3x to hook it up to a 12v source. Evidently telling them twice isn't enough. Thus, I still have zero issues after PIT5728C, for what it's worth to others.
  7. I had the latest (what I thought) update from late Jan, specifically: PIT5728C I haven't had any issues since. I have noticed that it doesn't auto-stop, but figured that was maybe something that needs to settle after an update ? Other than that, it drives just like it did when I bought it, zero codes, zero warnings, no brake issues. I've tested auto-starting with the FOB, as well as the app. No issues.
  8. There are two screws to pull the camera out of the brake light housing, though I admit I didn't try it. The cable is about 7' in length (at least mine was).
  9. I just did the mod this weekend. I opted to not disconnect the battery, had no issues (thankfully). . I had a couple friends to help; we took our time, and it was a fairly simple job. The hardest part in our case was popping the two clips that hold the headliner up by the rear window. I think they broke when we pulled it down, so I think I'm going to be ordering some new ones. I think the metal component of the clip is busted (see pic). Not sure how I could have pulled it down any different. In any case, everything else was super simple, I'm pleased. So grateful for
  10. For those who did this procedure, how did you disable the airbags, I couldn't find a fuse. Or did you not disable them ?
  11. After reading this entire thread, I feel really bad for all the hell people have gone through before real fixes started to surface. Just to add to the pile, for what it's worth: - Dec 9, 2019, purchased 2019 1500 AT4. Had zero issues. - Jan 3, 2020 brought into dealer because OnStar told me there was the ABS recall. Dealer did: N192268090. - right after the update, saw all the symptoms described in this thread, loss of brakes, codes, etc, mostly when using the app. - cleared the codes I could, avoided using the app. - Feb 2, 2020, after reading this thread, an
  12. Fantastic info. Looking to do this as well. I have a few questions hopefully someone can help out: As far as the headliner is concerned, does everything (visors,hooks,etc) need to come off and the whole thing need to come down, or is it just the back to remove the spoiler, and along one side ? I have a sunroof, any idea if that makes things a lot harder ? I have the auto-dimming mirror now. I would assume the new mirror just uses the same plug the existing mirror is using, mounts the same, but just has an additional wire off it for the coax ? An
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