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  1. I have a 2018 2500HD Custom, basically a modifed W/T with the 7" infotainment display, my truck 1 out of 2 times at night does not dim with the cluster and dash lights it stays full brightness, when I adjust the dash brightness with the potentiometer the infotainment display does not dim as it should, I have to soft reset the radio pressing home and Right arrow for 7 seconds and it works fine again. It is extremely annoying and bright, I brought it to the dealer last week, they had it for 2 days and there Senior Tech said nothing is wrong with it, and that night after leaving the dealer if failed again. The dealer doesn't have a clue on this or couldn't be bothered about it. Anyone else with this 7" version infotainment have issues, this is a differenet set up than the 8" version in the LS and up. IMG-6134.TRIM.MOV
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