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  1. Love the truck overall and I really don't regret the carbon-pro. Wasn't looking for one but it was the only thing that checked all the boxes at the dealer and the wheels were just icing on the cake. If i would change anything I'm a little jealous of the fuel mileage the diesels are getting but was too chicken to get the new duramax first year. The 6.2 has loads of power but my last car was a manual and i find the combination of 10 speed and DFM to be in conflict with my driving style. If i only lightly touch the gas while cruising it upshifts to fast and feels like its lugging, as opposed to holding gears longer if i press a little harder. Hoping it's just something i'll adjust to and maybe need to start driving it like i stole it.
  2. I have the grey carbon pro wheels and think they look awesome and the tires look decent too. I thought I would regret not getting the 18s but super happy with the 20s so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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