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  1. I thought of that but it doesn't seem right, I as of right now I believe then pitman arm is in the correct position. It's more or less in line with the steering shaft. I shouldn't have to offset the pitman arm just to align it.
  2. You jackass no worries man. We have all done something stupid like this at some point lol anyway, I imagine since you never changed the adjustment bilt you could just position the LCA in a lower position, i.e. ball joint lower to the ground, then using a jack to jack up the control arm to the correct position essentially using the jack to reset the tension. I could be wrong and maybe someone else could chime in but it's what I would do
  3. 2007 GMC Sierra Classic 4x4 So a few weeks ago I was doing about 10 to 15 mph through a parking lot. Went to make a left hand turn into a parking spot and the tie rod broke (wheel may or may not have hit a concrete light pole, I do not believe it did because there was no body damage). Anyway, took it to a shop, they said the frame did not look bent to them but since they were unequipped to check it, they could not say for sure either way. They told my the driver side upper and lower A arms were shot along with the pitman arm and idler arm. I replaced both driver and passenger side upper and lower A arms, inner and outer tie rods, pitman arm, idler arm and idler arm bracket along with the upper intermediate steering shaft because when the incident happend it jerked my wheel to the left and seized the shaft in the all the way extended position. Problem I am running into now is with everything new, the only way to keep the steering wheel straight and have 1 and almost 3/4 rotation in the steering wheel for turning in each direction I have to set the alignment of the wheels 30-45° off to the left. Otherwise to set the wheels straight, my steering wheel is then 90° off to the right and I lose turning radius. Is my frame bent? Steering box ****ed? If anyone can chime in I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm at a complete loss....
  4. Thanks for the reply. I plan on getting it in my garage this weekend to look at it more in depth. Even if I did hit the pole I find it very hard to believe the frame would bend without any other damage.
  5. So last Friday I had an incident in the truck. I originally thought I had hit a concrete light pole and blew my tire. After getting the truck home and finding the tie rod broken and absolutely no other damage on the truck I am 75% sure I didn't hit the concrete pole and it was my tie rod that gave out and made the driver wheel go completely sideways on me. I replaced both side inner and outer tie rods. Put the wheels on and notice the driver wheel is at least a couple inches shoved back toward the driver door. Nothing looks visibly bent but local shop looked at it and aligned it but said it will not align properly. Wheels are straight but steering wheel is off 90° (top of sterring wheel facing driver door). They could align it with the steering wheel straight because they ran out of threads on the tie rods to adjust. They suggested I get the frame checked because of how far the wheel is pushed back. How likely is it that caused my frame to bend?
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