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  1. Have any of yall recieved any type of compensation from GM or the dealers that you purchased your trucks from with these issues? If so what did you receive and did you ask for compensation or was it just given to you?
  2. I had brought my 2019 silverado in for the rear window leak and they repaired it using the service bulletin. I went in to go pick it up after the repair and told them i wasnt accepting it because their worksmanship for the repair, and also they did not clean up the rust that had built up on the bottom seat bracket. They called me back after the weekend and said it was g2g so i went to pick it up. There was still seam sealer left on the window and its visible between the glass and body. Minor issue because you wouldnt notice it if you werent looking. It looks like they tried to remove the rust with a wire brush and sand paper. They actually took off the paint in some spots down to bare medal. And i also noticed a white mark on the plastic trim on top of the sliding glass. Looks like some seam sealer made it onto the plastic and they used a harsh chemical to try and remove it. So after fighting with the dealership and GM i am scheduled to return the truck Monday to have a GM representative to take a look at it. Why does this process have to be such a PAIN. The dealership said i have to get with GM to figure out the next steps, and GM said that the dealership should be handling. No one knows their asses from a hat and as soon as they have your money it seems like they do not care whatsoever. What exactly is the GM rep going to do? Why does a gm rep have to look at it after it was the dealers fault their technicians are incompetent? I have had less problems with my 90s japanese shitbox. Very frustrating experience. Especially this being my very first new vehicle purchase.
  3. Im curious how a buy back would work if i traded another vehicle for this truck? Also in the same instance how would a dealer trade work?
  4. Unfortunately my Dakota is long gone. My biggest thing, this being a new truck and my first ever purchased new vehicle, i dont want to own a vehicle that has had previous water damage. The only extent i know for water damage is rust built up on my jack, and now the one on the middle seat brackets. Which shows me they didnt look for any water damage because i only told them about the rust on the jack. Also my truck has the cloth seats.
  5. So i found this forum because i recently purchased my 2019 Silverado and i also have this leak. I purchased a 2019 Silverado RST Z71 Crew Cab and 2 days later noticed that the rear window was leaking. I brought the vehicle back to the dealership on the 3rd day, less than 72 hours from day of purchase. The dealer has a 72 hour return policy. Unfortunately i also had a trade in which was a 2000 dodge dakota which they gave me 3k for in trade value. The dealer has done the initial repair of adding sealant to the top of the window channel. The service department called me and stated they completed the repair according to the service bulletin but it was still leaking and they were waiting to hear from the chevy rep to figure the next repair. They said it would be about a week before the chevy rep was back in their store...i told them that was unacceptable. I called the sales individual and told them i would be coming to the store the next day to discuss the matter. Obviously the sales person has no reach to accomplish anything and decided to speak with his sales manager. He stated he was going to look through their inventory and see if they could find a like vehicle to possible trade me into, which i think they just said that to get more time for the window repair. I opened a case with chevy and the next day i get a call stating my vehicle was repaired and ready for pickup. I went to the dealer and went over it with a fine tooth comb. There was rust buildup on one of the seat bolts, and whoever put the sealant on took no care whatsoever. Its a seamless window for a reason. I talked with the sales manager and told him i will not accept the truck in its current condition. Supposedly the store manager is still looking for a replacement but im not holding my breath. I guess my truck is a little harder to find as it has a sunroof which usually came on the higher models. Im just at a loss and have no idea what to do. This is all new to me as I have never purchased a brand new vehicle, let alone one that cost 45k. What should i do?!?!
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