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  1. Didn’t scan it yet. Never threw a code. But I think it is the throttle position sensor
  2. Maybe. Like I said I pickEd it Up in October from a dealer. I know it was sitting there a while. It only did it in cold weather. Last night was 30 some degrees and started no problem. It was a cold start then too
  3. Hi all. I new to the forum. I have a question about a 2011 3/4 ton 6.0. I’ve had this truck since October bought it with 70,550 on the odometer. I have 73, 558 on it now. Not real sure if this belongs here but here goes. So around 530 this morning I went to start the truck. It was 20 degrees outside and the hasn’t run since 745 pm the night before. So it was a cold start. Anyhow, it fired up just fine, then the tach dropped to 4-500 rpm it sounded like it was wanting to die, then immediately shot up to 2000 rpm then came back down around 1100. The truck warmed up and it seemed fine after that. When its at temperature it seems to run fine. It was that initial start that has me concerned. The truck didn’t throw any codes or anything. Im leaning toward injectors and was going to get fuel injectors cleaner tomorrow. Has anybody experienced what I’m describing, and or any other things I should look for? It’s my only ride right now so any and all advice/comments will be appreciated thanks!
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