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  1. I have a 2002 Chevy Express 3500 with a daytime running light module that's gone bad. If the part is in place, the battery drains within a couple of hours. If I pull it, none of the lights work (including turn signals and headlights). I know the part -- its an acdelco 15762895, which it looks like was used on the 2000-2002 Express and Savana of all sizes. The problem is that as far as me or my mechanic can tell, AC Delco stopped making this part this year. And none of the parts warehouses can get it any more. its not even on ebay anywhere. I just went to a couple of LA area junk yards, and everyone seems to pull this part first these days. ... so my question is... does anyone have an alternative way around? Is there a way to bypass this device, or is there an aftermarket version out there made by someone else? (Dorman doesn't seem to make anything yet either). I'm pretty sure I can get away without the daytime running lights working in LA, so long as the rest work. But they seem to all be linked through this unit.
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