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  1. So ive read many posts on this and i cant find one with a clear answer. I was checking my air filter and it was fine so i closed it up and turned the truck on and the rad fans kicked on max and now it doesn't stop. the truck can be cold (50 degrees out) and it will kick the fans on max also goes for when its cold and 80 out. The temp gauge sits at 160 (low) and the ac and the heat dont really work. but then sometimes i can go a few days with out it happening. I've tried disconnecting the battery and waiting an hour but that only seems to help for a couple days (also could just be a coincidence). I don't know if it actually had to do with me opening the airbox but it seemed to start after i did that. 2014 Silverado 1500
  2. I recently purchased a 2014 Silverado and would like to use the OnStar app but noticed the light on the mirror was not on and the onstar app on the radio was grayed out. was wondering if someone maybe removed the module or if there is a way to disable/enable it?
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