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  1. Yes. You have to press out your old bushings and press in the new offset bushings.
  2. Belltech 2 degree offset control arm bushings. This kit comes with the tool to press out/in the bushings. https://www.jegs.com/i/Bell+Tech/146/4957/10002/-1?gclid=CjwKCAjw8df2BRA3EiwAvfZWaMB4gStnLn5MAKRS-NR-axbofo36Usj7dM4tLr22ucaVCWZ4uLFQvhoCp7cQAvD_BwE
  3. I don’t have a whole lot of adjustability In the front. I could probably come up 1/2 using spacers, but I really like the way it sits now. I know I’ll need new tires eventually to achieve the look I’m after. the top of the tires is only about a half inch from the carpet liner in the front.
  4. Finally finished lowering my truck.. Ended up with a 4.5”/7.5” drop with the factory 275/55/20 they rub like crazy. Getting a set of 255/50/20 later this week along with an alignment. I’m extremely happy with the stance and those new tires should net me about another 3/4”-1” of drop.
  5. I haven’t taken it to get an alignment yet. When I drove it after I was done, it drove just as straight as from the factory, it just has negative camber. And if I’m not mistaken, these trucks can handle 7” of drop in the rear without requiring a notch. I will say that it hasn’t bottomed out and I haven’t felt any hard jarring or slamming as if the rear end was trying to get shoved back. And yes, this is the rough country kit with strut relocation.
  6. I have been looking at some camber correction uppers. Will probably get some when I get my 2” spindles
  7. Just lowered my truck and I have a few questions.. With the Rough Country 2/4 kit, it comes with a flip kit and lift hangers.. I opted to not install the hangers and go with the full drop of a flip kit. Will my pinion angles be off since the kit is advertised as a 4” rear drop and I went 7”? Also the front drop consisted of a strut relocation bracket. Also included were camber plates. My question is, are these necessary for alignment? I didn’t have time to put them on and I am wondering if my truck will hold an alignment without those plates. I attached before and after pics. Better pictures to come and also 2” spindles coming soon! It sits 1 3/8” higher in the front now This is with the factory block removedThis is after I did the strut relocation and 7” flip kit
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