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  1. 2020 AT4 is averaging 20-21 plus highway at 75mph. Best is 35.7 The story for best is Laramie Wy. to Cheyenne Wy. all down hill for 60 plus miles.
  2. My radio does the same thing. It is a service bulletin for a lot of GM models with no fix yet. Dealer says when a fix is found they will send a flash drive to update the system or down load over the On Star. 2 months and still waiting.
  3. There is a service bulletin out on the issue. effects a lot of GM products. Unfortunately no fix at this time. Once they find a fix they will either update it over WiFi or with a stick you can plug in . ETA unknown at this time.
  4. I have a GMC AT4HD with some of the same issues, System goes blank, XM say loading on a channel for miles but if I bumped it up or down a channel plays fine. Then it erased everything in the trailer system. Finally at 10,000 mile and them working on it 3 times I demanded a new system. That system works for everything but the XM issue. Trying for another service Appt.
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