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  1. So far: Stereo cuts out randomly - took to dealer they ran some diagnostic stuff and an update - did not work going back Door molding near handles has a gap that won't close up - they ordered replacement one but annoying just the same Finally a question: I added rock lights to my upfitter switch and aux battery, now I'm getting a low battery warning which makes no sense to me. Why would there be any battery draw if the upfitter switch is off? Lights won't come on without it being depressed so not sure why there would be any drain at all.
  2. So I added the 6x9's - a pain because I had to also buy a new bracket as they are not 6x9's in WT just a round one. Anyway they sound good but because it is a WT package and apparantly they remove everything they can the radio doesn't actually have an option for adjustments like front to back or left to right so it is what it is in that sense.
  3. Borla has not released the new cat back exhaust yet. Will be worth the wait though. Don’t get impatient and settle
  4. 3" Superlift - 20x10 Fuel's 32x12 Kenda Kleavers Some minor trimming - no complaints, rides nice
  5. Funny story - so I decided to swap out speakers in my 2020 2500HD WT - started with the 2-3/4" Kenwoods - cracked open the dash and turns out the WT doesn't have top speakers - just the plug and a hole. New speakers mounted well in existing slots but thought it was funny GM couldn't afford to add the cheap ass 2-3/4 speakers that come stock in other models. I'm getting 6x9's from CT Sounds - should be here any day now Just the little one's in the dash made a difference - can't wait to get the new door speakers in
  6. I got my 2020 2500HD for 42k out the door without a trade. I only get the WT package as I'm going to personalize myself so I don't need all the crap that comes along with the 70k+ models. It is a truck after all, if I want comfort I'd drive the car. I only require AC and a radio. I did get the Alaskan pkg and some really good accessories and extra's in that price. Of course I had them remove that gawdy looking bear sticker on the back. It really was a great deal.
  7. Honestly love the sound of a bad ass exhaust, I just can't see ripping apart the existing welded setup. I did that when I got my last truck and it seemed like I was replacing exhaust parts often. I guess age has made me more frugal, LOL
  8. I put 35's on mine and according to the dash have still been getting 13+ mpg. Which would actually be better than I expected. Haven't done a paper math calc yet though.
  9. I use 303 Aerospace Protectant as recommended by the manufacturer. I like it. They actually recommend that you do not use Armor All.
  10. Cover - went with REV hard rolling cover - bought thru dealership so I could use my 20% off discount from Chevy Truck Legends
  11. It's not necessarily true that 35's will fit all the time though. These rims must be 20x9 - with relatively little offset. I have 20x10 with 35x12.5's on mine and trimming was required even with the 3" suspension lift. Had to trim the from anyway after putting the new bumper on - sits higher in the wheel well
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