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  1. Mine would have rubbed even more if not for the aftermarket bumper.
  2. There is no doubt trimming will be required. A good fitment source is the gallery on custom offsets website, great gauge of what will fit and what won’t
  3. 3 inch superlift kit will not cleanly fit 35’s not sure how people are expecting 37’s to fit. I have the 3” lift with 35’s and 20 x 10’s and that setup still requires trimming in the front
  4. I’ve had repeated radio shut off issues and have taken to dealer twice and they say until there is a recall they can’t do anything so i have to live with my radio shutting off and restarting. Pisses me off but it is what it is I guess
  5. I bought one on Amazon, didn’t cost must and works great on my 2020 and on my 2018 Malibu
  6. Had dealer install mine when I bought it
  7. I don't know about everyone else but I am growing really impatient for certain aftermarket parts to be released. For me specifically I am waiting for the Borla cat-back exhaust and the GoRecon third brake light. The waiting is driving me crazy!! Anybody else have any cool improvements they are waiting on?
  8. I’m waiting on the Borla to come out for my gasser, but I did look at this just don’t know much about them so I’m leery
  9. Why didn't you just purchase the one that Chevy sells directly that comes with the wiring to connect directly to the port in the truck already?
  10. Requires work you don’t want to do but i upgraded (added) better front speakers in dash and new door speakers. Mine is is WT so basic model. Of course the stereo is so ridiculously basic that it doesn’t even have a balance or fader control which is totally assinine. But the speaker upgrade did add much needed sound
  11. I brought mine in - they did update - didn't fix it just as yours, not sure what dealer will do next. Should really swap out radio - not sure they will though....yet
  12. So far: Stereo cuts out randomly - took to dealer they ran some diagnostic stuff and an update - did not work going back Door molding near handles has a gap that won't close up - they ordered replacement one but annoying just the same Finally a question: I added rock lights to my upfitter switch and aux battery, now I'm getting a low battery warning which makes no sense to me. Why would there be any battery draw if the upfitter switch is off? Lights won't come on without it being depressed so not sure why there would be any drain at all.
  13. So I added the 6x9's - a pain because I had to also buy a new bracket as they are not 6x9's in WT just a round one. Anyway they sound good but because it is a WT package and apparantly they remove everything they can the radio doesn't actually have an option for adjustments like front to back or left to right so it is what it is in that sense.
  14. Borla has not released the new cat back exhaust yet. Will be worth the wait though. Don’t get impatient and settle
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