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  1. Got mine right from the Chevy accessories site searching by my VIN
  2. I have the AFE CAI on mine, no codes, no issues.
  3. I went the full route - mounted using spare tire delete package. I like it, already used the compressor a few times camping. The horn is extremely loud though as you mentioned if you don't like that. Of course a true train horn is also very loud
  4. I like the console in the center. Mine is a regular cab though and a WT so Chevy in it's infinite wisdom decided to have a center console that doesn't open on the WT model. Strange way to save a few bucks on a 40-50k truck IMO especially when you consider cost savings versus irritated truck buyers.
  5. Huh, anyone else having issues opening the files? Suggestions? Basically filmed on iphone, emailed the videos to my work email, and attached to post.
  6. Replaced my stock exhaust with the MBRP cat-back option - thoughts?? IMG_4918.3gp IMG_4919.3gp
  7. I guess there will always be things we don't like about our vehicles. But I am a Chevy guy thru and thru so looking at other options for me is pointless. I know what I want and don't want. The things I don't like are generally things that don't matter much to me anyway. Can haul wood? Can't it tow my toys? Will it be reliable? All yes from prior experience, the rest is just gravy to me
  8. My feeling is if you are going to the dealer and buy a truck get what you want. If you need to have a specific interior then get a truck with it. Getting something that has certain options and then complaining about it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Honestly though I have no clue what other trucks have for interiors as I have never even considered anything but a Chevy. Also, I could really care less about the interior.
  9. It's a regular cab - but a long bed. Love it - used to pull my 0 foot camper with my 1500, pulling it with this I don't even notice it there. For the heck of it I also included a picture from the day it came off the truck. Superlift level with rear spacers - 20x10's and 35's
  10. How does that sound? You wouldn't happen to have a video of how it sounds do you? I have the intake and am back and forth on the cat back - really was hoping for the Borla Sport but they still aren't saying when it will be available other than "soon"
  11. Nope paid cash 42k out the door for my WT Alaskan Pkg, no regrets at all
  12. I have the AFE Power one on mine - really haven't noticed any real difference in regards to performance. Maybe I'm just not noticing it.
  13. Mine only has the two camera views out the back and it has always been off center. I mentioned it to the service department and he went out and looked at another truck of the same model and it was the same. So he said there is nothing he can do. BS but what can I do
  14. Won't even know it's back there, the 6.6L gas will pull that like nothing
  15. I live in New England, no issues at all. It is actually really sturdy, plus I wouldn't let snow sit on it for too long since it wipes right off. Price was good since I bought thru Chevy.com Accessories site and used my Chevy Legends 20% off discount.
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