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  1. Yes, I have it, no issues, absolutely love it. Didn't even know that I needed it until I got it.
  2. I bought a set for my 2020 Silverado 2500HD from the chevy website. The part number was 84729676
  3. Llj customs makes a plug and play harness, that’s who i used
  4. I know you were looking OEM but I went with a Hornblaster Conductor Special kit and spare tire delete and love it. I like having the compressor that I can use right on the truck. I thought about using the OEM setup but really didn't like the sound of any of the one's that use that setup.
  5. good luck, personally I didn't even consider anything that wasn't 304 stainless as I don't plan on ever replacing it
  6. I would love to throw Amp steps on mine but they are so freaking expensive so for now I am just keeping the one's that came with the truck on
  7. Honestly I didn't notice any poor pedal response either. However, I also bought a pedal commander recently and there is a huge difference in response depending upon what you set it at.
  8. I didn't get a full console, I just bought the same one except that it had the center compartment that opened from an online GM dealer, the original WT one didn't open at all. I didn't want the full one as I still wanted to use the center seat. Mine is a regular cab so occassionally someone sits in the middle
  9. Compatibility issue I imagine. Actually replacement fin is provided with the XM option too.
  10. OEM housing is expensive too. I have the Lasfit LED's too but they cost next to nothing so I'm not really considering that cost in my thinking. Especially since the halogen housing aren't really even made for the LED bulbs
  11. The reason why it took so long for anyone to even release this option and the cost is because of all that goes into it. Basically it's not just the radio you are getting, it's the upgraded receiver, navigation, extra functions, sirius radio, wireless carplay, and the new backup camera
  12. I wonder if Go Recon or anyone else will ever come out with smoked headlight assemblies for the 2020 Silverado 2500HD's? Would love to be able to swap out the stock halogen units to smoked OLED's. I already changed the bulbs to OLED's and re-adjusted the headlight angle but would love complete smoked assemblies. With everything being black or blue on my truck I would love a slight tint on the headlights to match.
  13. With the leveling kit and 35" tires on 20x10"s I generally get around 11-13. Less when towing my 30 foot camper but that is to be expected. As far as the 17-20 mph statements - mine couldn't hit that in neutral going 100% downhill.
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