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  1. HI everyone, I am part of this too. Bought a LT trailboss last June and mine was stuck on 4-LO today as I pulled out of my driweway after a snowstorm. For some reason I don't understand although it is stuck in 4-LO the front axle doesn't get any power. That 60k$ truck stuck on rear wheel drive LO gear in deep snow wasn't going anywhere....Had it towed to the dealership...I will let you know what is the problem once they find it. 4wd warning service light is on What is even more curious, the loaner I have for the weekend had an amber 4-Hi light with the service 4WD light popping up on my way back from the dealership. It disapeared after a couple miles but still very weird. It cannot be a simple coincidence. Good night
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