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  1. I am using the innova 3130. I would figure it would throw a specific code for a knock sensor. I actually just bought an 01 suburban for an engine swap in a different car, i'll swap coilpacks.
  2. Im starting to think one of the cats went bad as well. 99-07 was the best generation haha. My family has owned 5 or 6 of these, one with 580k original engine still being used to this day. And We own 2 now with 280k. Theyre tanks. A crate motor would solve all of my problems! Looking forward to what you figure out!
  3. I did the plugs a few days ago, I'll do the wires soon as well. Im thinking a cat went bad, I'll probably end up taking them off to see whats going on. The power seems good up until 3500. Thanks!
  4. Did yours do it all the time or only at a certain rpm? I ask because I'm getting a p0300 and pinging at about 3500rpm. Im a little stumped on it. Runs perfect until 3500rpm
  5. Both of the trucks have the same spark advance as well as maf reading.
  6. Both trucks are at 95 kpa under load at 3500rpm. Would a clogged cat cause my pinging problem?
  7. i have 2 2002 5.3s they both idle at 45-50psi and will spike up under hard throttle. Seems normal. What was the culprit to the p0300?
  8. The map sensor is reading 10.3 In/Hg, which is about 33 kpa.The same for both trucks. I'm not sure what you mean by 101kpa? When would it read that? Do you guys think the knock sensors may be bad? We have owned 5 of these trucks over the years not to mention work trucks for my dads company (4 2002s, and a 2004) One of the 2002s has 580k miles and runs like a top. Never had one with this issue. Thanks!
  9. I checked the fuel pressure on the yukon and it is at around 44psi at idle and will surge to 52 or so under heavy throttle. So it seems the pump/regulator is fine. I check the spark advance at idle (550-600rpm) it was at 17deg for both of them and at 1500rpm it was at 45 degrees for both. The maf read 1.7 lb/min on both at 1500rpm. It seems that they are identical. I did a reboot yesterday when I cleaned the maf again. It doesnt throw a CEL when it pings anymore, but it will still have a p0300 sometimes when I hook the scanner up. Would a clogged Cat cause these symptoms? The P.O mentioned he thought it may have been clogged because it felt "out of breath". It sat for a year before I got it so maybe it just needs to be driven a lot more. I put sea foam in the tank so hopefully that does something. It runs so good up until 3500rpm so I'm a little stumped. Thanks for helping out!
  10. I'll check the yukon when i get back home. Neither of our 2002s have an egr system.
  11. Just checked the pressure. At key on it primes to 60psi then drops to 55 and stays there. At idle its 48psi and doesnt drop below that. If I open the throttle fast it goes to 55 then stabilizes at 48psi. So it all seems good.
  12. Update: Cleaned the maf really good. And I seafoamed the intake as well. I also have a 2002 yukon xl that runs perfect. I hooked up the reader to that and all of the readings were the same as the silverado. Still pings at 3500rpm. Idles great, runs great up until then. Its not throwing any codes right now either. Not sure what to check next. Wouldnt a knock sensor throw a code?
  13. Alright so as the title suggests, my 2002 Silverado 5.3 z71 sounds like its pinging at around 3500rpm, only when driving. I can rev it up to 5k in park no problem. I just bought this truck and I knew it had some problems, but these 5.3s are basically indestructible. It usually will ping then immediately throw a flashing check engine light, which comes to be a p0300 misfire. It has new plugs new fuel filter and fresh gas. I rented a scanner from autozone and all the o2s are good. I hooked up a timing light and it didnt misfire at all at idle. The previous owner mentioned that he thought a cat may have been clogged, but i havent checked it. would that cause this problem? if i were to gut them would I have to get some sort of tune? Thanks guys.
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