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  1. I'm not sure, they weren't very specific, I just got back from the appointment and he showed me a list about 200 pages long of gm updates they were sending out literally every other day for the tccm and transmission. They recently stopped on this new one because they claim it fixed the problem, it's supposed to snow about 4-6" tonight, so I should have a chance to check if it worked...
  2. Having the issue with the service message coming up in snow storms (WI) on my 2019 chevy 1500, they did a relearn on the transfer case and it didn't fix the issue. The dealer said they've had replacing the tccm fix it, but the most common issue is snow and ice building up around the sensor housing and once it heats up around the trans and transfer case, the ice melts with debris and trips the sensor. So, they've cleaned and resealed a few housings and that fixed their issues on a few. We'll see if that's what they do for me this time with mine, it's the second appointment I've had and I've made sure to take pictures of each instance of the code going off, so they can't tell me there's nothing wrong.
  3. I had the relearn and it didn't fix it, I have another appointment today, so we'll see. 2 people I know with the issue on their 2018 and 2019, both needed the sensor housing dried and cleaned, then resealed and it fixed it
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