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  1. Joined the Forum to troubleshoot my 2007 Vortec Max, Ended up fixing it by getting a 2014 Sierra Denali. Bought a Gator EFX Yesterday for it to haul my tp dry...
  2. Well Guys, I swapped the OIl Pump....as well as the entire truck. Proud owner of a 2014 Sierra Denali now.
  3. Jeffery Porter, Did you come up with anything else? Same issue -276k mile L76 - haven't replaced pump yet. (Already did relief valve in pan, valley cover without dod/afm, new pressure switch)
  4. I have extremely similar issues in my 2007 vortec max. 276K miles. I replaced the Relief Valve in the oil pan with a plug (I used a m14x1.5 drain pan plug from Autozone) I replaced the vlom manifold with the ls2 (no solenoids and such but still has oil pressure switch bung) Now im looking at doing an oil pump - Melling 296 as Grumpy Bear mentioned Ill update here when I do it - good luck man
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