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  1. Nice Trucks on here but the red ones are the best lol
  2. here are the last few truck ive had 03 Sierra slt 04 Silverado Z71 same truck as above but added a yank 3600 stall, cam, and lt headers dd 99 Tahoe LT 07 Vortec Max
  3. synthetic blend. i just dont like seeing the guage that low, i have an old jeep cherokee with 360k and it has better pressure lol
  4. on my 07 nnbs Vortec Max when the engine is at normal operating temp and at idle the oil pressure Gauge is just above 20 and cruising at 60mph it is just under 40. is this normal for a 33k mile truck?? every one of my other silverados have had just over 40 at idle and around 50 cruising
  5. Benson NC about 20 min south of Raleigh
  6. id like to know as well. the one on the left on the dash quit working in my truck
  7. looks good and dosent seem to be that hard, i might be doing this in the next few weeks.
  8. i dont understand why the new trucks dont have a seperate button for the cargo light, my 04 had it and i used it regularly to check what was in the bed
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