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  1. ...I too got the entire job done in about :20 minutes but I can't get the connector off the headlight. I pulled the red locking tab back (unclicked) but I can't find another tab to 'depress' to release the connector from the headlight. I can see from the new harness what has to happen--because it has both ends--but I can't get the one in the truck to release.
  2. I just had my dealership install the GM OEM 2" Lift Kit. It was their first one as well, so the Service Manager and their top Tech did it. So far no issues, but I only got to drive ~100 miles before the 'Stay at Home' order in Michigan. I'm going to measure my 4 corners now, curious about the height, and I'll check the assembly witness marks.
  3. Thanks sharp! I had all my emblems replaced with black, but there was no Z71 as you discovered, and corrected for yourself!
  4. After finding mine dead on Sunday I did a deep charge... took 4 hours to complete. NOTE: The Auto-Start/Stop Trucks have AGM Batteries and you must use an 'intelligent charger' to avoid damaging them. They held a charge the 1st two days (~12.9V DC) but this morning--after not driving since Sunday--they have dropped to ~12.3V DC, doesn't seem right. I'm in 'Stay at Home' mode in Michigan so I'll check it again tomorrow morning and repor tback here. Question: To anyone who knows... Do the DURAMAX 3.0L Trucks have two (2) batteries like the V-8 Diesels? The Owner's Manual is not clear and the Battery(s) are hidden in an enclosure with remote posts.
  5. I found my 2020 DURAMAX DIESEL RST dead this morning also. Less than 300 miles on the truck. We all can't have defective batteries! Had your truck been in lately for the Remote Start / ABS Recall?
  6. My new 2020 Silverado RST has the same issue... Found the truck completely dead after 2 days of not driving! How do I determine if all modules power-down? And which one(s) are not?
  7. I just got my new 2020 Silverado back from a dealer, they did the Brake / App recall (while installing the GM 2" Lift Kit) and now my battery is draining... Found the truck completely dead this morning.
  8. I went OEM and got the Chevrolet 'blacked out' emblem kit, including the 'CHEVROLET' lettering in the tailgate. I was surprised to find it is actually a hard emblem, not just a vinyl sticker, super high quality.
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