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  1. On regular cabs they are..on some extended cabs they are to.but im the unfortunate one who has them welded on
  2. Has anyone or is it possible to take the rear overload spring and put it ontop of the pack to drop the rear alittle more? I have a 99 silverado 2wd extended cab that has the rear front leaf spring hangers welded on from factory.got it lowered 3in front and 2in rear drop shackles.i need to get the rear dropped another 2in or so but dont want to do a rear flip and cnotch.
  3. Gen 3 ls. I want to keep my oem gauges working but where can i hook up aftermarket oil pressure and water temp sensors for my digital gauges?they each got there own sensors
  4. Yea its in a 99 silverado extended cab 2wd. 6.0 swapped.4l60e,4.10 rear and 29.90" tire
  6. Trucks a 4.8 but has a 6.0 in it now. Whats the stock fuel pressure for the 4.8 and are the 5.3 and 6.0 the same psi?
  7. I know a 8.6 can be fitted into a 8.5 axle but can a 8.5 be put in a 8.6? Reason im asking is i have 8.5 locker i wanted to see if it would go in.
  8. Was looking and can get the full servo with springs and all or just the 2 plates, orings and clip. Is it just as good if i get just the plates rings and clip and use my springs or is it better to get the whole servo?
  9. Any one know of anyone who does custom files for hp tuners?or where to go to get a baseline tune
  10. Can a hp tuner be used to completely tune a 99 4.8 computer to run a 6.0?
  11. Any one ever dyno a ls nsr 2.1 truck cam on a pretty much stock lq4 6.0? Im doing a 6.0 swap.its a 99 silverado 4.8 to 02 lq4.stock low miles with only cai and full exhaust.going to be tunned by black bear but was just wondering what kinda power to expect
  12. I got a 99 silverado 4.8. I have a 01 6.0 lq4 thats stock minus the cai and exhaust im using from the 4.8..stock tranny(till i can get it built). Do i have to get a custom tune in order to get the full performance out of the stock 6.0 or is there a hand held tuner i can get that'll make it run decent?
  13. Doesnt the hd2 kit include the metal sleeves to replace the plastic ones? What year valve bodies are compatible? I like the way it shifts when the tow button is pressed. When normal,the shifts are kinda sloppy
  14. Trucks a 99 Silverado 2wd extended cab 4.8 4l60e. Im looking into shift kits and from what i read the transgo hd2 is the way to go but i really dont want to pull the transmission to put the upgrade parts in the pump. That beeing said what does the hd2 kit have that the basic doesnt and if i got the hd2 kit and didnt do the pump parts will it still perform good?
  15. One was 97k and the other was 56m
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