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  1. carnue, rotors, pads and calipers all new. Right side was harder to retract so hence the caliper replacement. Had time this morning to get back to it. Replaced flex hose, right side and as hoped it corrected to pull. I suppose if I had waited for the hose to collapse further it might have been less of a mystery. Matched up the left side with a new flex hose as well. Thanks for the feedback. Hope this thread helps someone else down the road.
  2. I agree with replacing both and will go back to the left once I've found the cause. I''m just starting with the suspect line on the right. The pull does not continue after initial braking and as far as the rear brakes, no I did not replace those. I did remove wheels and inspect but found nothing to indicate a problem.
  3. Very subtle left pull on initial brake application. Rotors,pads and calipers replaced. No change. Flex lines to calipers look good but going to replace right side today. Anyone encounter this problem before ?
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