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  1. Used is definitely an option for me. Whatever hits my price range. It’s just hard finding a used 2020 with that configuration
  2. I’ve been on the hunt for a white CC elevation with center console package and x31. I’d prefer the standard bed but I’d settle for a short box of need be... ive been scouring nation wide on cars.com and autotrader but can’t find ANYTHING below 40K which is making me want to go the ram 1500 route where I can get all I need for well under $40K Do you think finding this configuration for $35K (give or take) is realistic or am I on a unicorn hunt? I’m more than willing to go used, but those aren’t around either.
  3. How do you know on the Sierra if you’re getting the 8 or 10 speed? (In the 5.3)
  4. Looking at getting a crew cab Elevation in the standard box with the 5.3. I test drove this truck and it seemed like for a full size pickup, I was getting around 14-15 city and 18-21 freeway. Granted, this was only a 30 minute test drive in a brand new, non broken in motor. I’d be happy with those numbers...is this typical for this motor? I’m also debating the new ram 1500 crew cab big horn. How does this 5.3 compare to the 5.7 hemi ram as far as mpg and reliability/drivability? I haven’t test driven the ram yet but from stories I hear, some people are avg 13 mpg on the ram while others are up to 19 combined???
  5. I guess I can just get one aftermarket instead of paying for an entire package? That would probably be cheaper?
  6. So for I’m building a crew cab standard box elevation with the 5.3, 4x4, in white. I need the 4Lo so x31 is a must, and I want the convenience with bucket seats. That is the immediate necessities. However, I will be getting a 20-25’ lightweight travel trailer in the future. Do I need a trailer brake for this, what package gets me the trailer brake?
  7. I built a crew cab standard bed with: -convenience with buckets -x31 -trailer package what would a good negotiated price be for this before taxes etc? It says msrp is $53,******, net price is $46,575 https://www.gmc.com/trucks/sierra/1500/sle-elevation-slt/build-and-price/summary?styleId=406651&rpo=L84,MQB,C5Y,GU5,RD3,QAE,GAZ,A50,HV5,IOR,X31,PCU,Z82,K47,JHD,G80,NQH,KC4,KNP,KW7,NZZ,N10,B1J,A2X,KA1,R7O,D07,N37,KI3,CJ2,CTT&ss=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&postalCode=92101
  8. I saw the elevation comes standard with the gmc infotainment system. The “preferred gmc infotainment 8” system” is an upgrade on the preferred package. When I look at the pictures of each, they both appear to be the same size based off the gmc configuration pictures. Is this correct? Is the standard an 8” touchscreen as well?
  9. Ok. Can someone explain the x31 package and why I would need/want it? Does this include trailering package? Elevation value package??? Does this combine the trailer and convenience package? Trailer package vs pro trailer package? Does the standard trailer package include trailer brakes? And does the pro give you only the added hitch view and app?
  10. So I’ve started emailing dealers regarding a crew cab standard bed elevation and I might have to order the truck to get that configuration. Now I need to decide what packages to get? I know there is a small description of each package on the gmc website, but it looks like some of the packages overlap and trying to figure out which ones overlap is too much processing for my little brain. Is there a forum thread or link that describes with detail each package available for the elevation? If not, maybe someone can answer a few questions... im looking at the 5.3L v8, 4x4. It’ll be my daily driver and also my hunting rig (trails and slick mud at times). Does the x31 offer any lift? Or any actual benefits other than protection? If so, what and what does it do? Center console is a must so I was looking at the convenience package with Center console. If I went with this, what would the elevation value package give me on top of the convenience package? It seems like they overlap? what does the preferred package give me? It says 8” premium infotainment. Doesn’t the dash already come with an 8” system? If i opted out of this package, would I still have USB ports on the dash for charging devices or does that only come with a selected package? At some point in the future, I’ll be getting a lite (20-25’) travel trailer. Do I need a trailer package for this or the prograde trailer system? thanks in advance
  11. How’s the 3.0 diesel as far as longevity with city driving and as a daily driver in a city environment? Better than the ecodiesel?
  12. this is what I was told today by the local gm dealer
  13. So you ordered via email and negotiated a price (below MSRP) that you would pay. Also, you would receive any additional incentives that were offered at time of delivery? the lady I spoke with on the phone said I could order and receive any incentives that were available at delivery. She said nothing about pre-negotiating a price on top of incentives...
  14. Contacted the local dealer today in Southern California regarding a white crew cab standard box, 4x4. She was unable to locate one within 1000 mile radius. It sounds like my options are to wait it out and see if one pops up, or order one how I like it. if I go down the ordering route, she stated I will get any incentives etc that are available in 3-4 months when the truck arrives but was unable to tell me what they would be. Are dealers more firm on price when the truck is ordered? after pricing this out on the gmc site, it came out to $46K. What would be a reasonable price to pay with the 5.3L (assuming I went this route)
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