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  1. My 3-week-old 2020 GMC Sierra screen (with upgraded Bose system) went black this morning after I touched the screen to change stations. The radio still played but the infotainment screen was black. I turned the truck on and off several times and it finally started working. Just before it started working again the screen was sluggish like the infotainment system was overloaded with data. Ugg this looks like a common issue and If this happens again, I am calling the dealer. I videoed the issue with my cell phone as proof that it happened.
  2. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation level about 3 weeks old as of May 2020 and the infotainment center went blank the first time I touched it this morning. Turned truck off and on 3 times and it finally lined itself out. I videoed the problem, so I have documentation for the dealer in case it keeps doing the same thing. Obviously, the issue is not fixed on 2020 trucks. I have the upgraded Bose system.
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