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  1. I am surprise they even giving you $1000 dealer discount. Few dealers I went they are not discounting at all. They all said they can't keep trucks in stock and ones they have on the floor priced at MSRP
  2. I bought motorcycle with 15 miles on odometer as used once. Dealer make mistake registering the bike while negotiating with customer deal didn't go thru. Once register they can't sell it new, I was the fortune one to get the deep discount. Hopefully this is one of those deals.
  3. GM said: Diesel engine warranty: 60 months/100,000miles
  4. Thank you all, I am going with diesel engine. Now I have to find that unicorn of deal on the new truck. Since it is a sellers market, I just wait month or two for better deal and selection.
  5. June incentives doesn't look good at all. Guess just have to wait till July or August oh well, so be it. Everything is still partially lockdown, no need for new truck anyway.
  6. If it was AT4 I would of bought that truck on the spot today, unfortunately I just can't live with that much CHROME. Even the wheels are dripping with chrome. I will call the dealer on Monday to see if they will work similar deal if I order AT4 with baby duramax. Worst comes to worst I just wait until September for the 2021 model year.
  7. I want AT4 as well but, most dealers are not moving on the AT4 regardless of the engine. They are welling to move on Denali or fully loaded SLT. I got a quote today on SLT with a baby Duramax MSRP $62785 minus $6500 GM discount plus first responder and costco discounts. Final price $516500 plus tax, tags and $499 dealer fee. If I go with % interest $6500 goes away. This deal is valet till the end of the day, Wednesday 6-3-2020. Spoke to my financial adviser and she said just pay cash for it if you can't get better deal elsewhere on Monday or Tuesday. My problem is I DO NOT LIKE CHROME. I might just wait until September to see if I can get the truck I really want instead of settling for one. I don't need truck but midlife crises wants one.
  8. I am new to the forum and new to GM. I am in the marked for new truck. This is Want truck NOT Need. That being said should I wait for the 2021 or just jump on deal on the 2020. I have not test drove it yet nor have I been to the dealer to check one out. Just started shopping on line and reading about it every chance I got. Since this is WANT truck I can certainly wait. Also I can't make up my mine about AT4 and Denali. AT4's are far and few, Denali is available everywhere. Also looking at the new Ram 1500 Laramie and Rebel with their Eco Diesel.
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