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  1. Sorry for the lack of responses guys, I've been on vacation. Thanks! I use Adam's Buttery Wax every other wash, I think this was not too long after its last wax. Really recommend it if you don't have a garage for applying wax because you can actually apply it in direct sunlight on a warm day and its still super easy to buff off. Also, the vehicle parked in the garage was a 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, you can just make out the push bar and silver/white chevrons on the bumper - and now you know my day job.
  2. You may think about getting your insurance involved. Also contact your state highway administration and see if they are aware of whatever hole you ran over since it seems like if it did that to your truck it could absolutely destroy a smaller car. A nightmare either way, sorry to hear about this
  3. I’ve had my 2020 Trail Boss 5.3 10-spd for nearly a month and a half without a single hiccup. Even for being the ‘small V8,’ the 5.3 is more than enough to make this truck quick. This transmission is probably the smoothest I’ve ever driven. Even with the knobby Trail Boss tires, the cabin is pretty quiet and has been entirely devoid of creeks or rattles. You are more likely to hear horror stories about the vehicle here than anywhere else because this is a site specifically for that purpose amongst others. Take it with a grain of salt, check out the owners forum for virtually any other vehicle and you’ll see much the same thing. On top of that, some complaint I’ve read are very nit-picky...more quirks than actual flaws.
  4. I like the trim stitching and really like the center arm rest on at leas the bench seat version due to it being so soft. The cubby on the dash is also nice for a phone or some sunglasses. The least impressive interior item, in my opinion, has to be the seats. Yes, I didn’t go for the power or leather seats, but I would expect a little more out of a $50000 vehicle. They truly are rock-hard and have no height adjustment so my wife has issues seeing over the dash. Aside from the seats, very pleased with the interior. Not a single hint of a rattle so far.
  5. Hey everyone, thought I'd drop in here. I'm new to the forum, new to Chevys, and new to pickup truck ownership altogether. Purchased this Trail Boss new a little over a month ago and have since put almost 1300 miles on it. I love it and look for every excuse to get behind the wheel. Now looking for something to tow with it... Bonus fake internet points for someone who can tell me what vehicle is parked in my garage - you can see it in the reflection in the doors.
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