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  1. Those are good alarms. I had a similar type (Scorpio) on one of my Harleys. It even had a proximity alert so if anyone got within 2ft it would go off. The only problem was when my pager went off and I was at a rally I'd hot foot it back to find it was okay. But overall, havin a pager is great.
  2. I have 2 alarms on my truck. The dealership installed the second one because thieves were stealing stuff off their lot and the factory one wasn't going off! You should see me set off both by accident. I have two fobs. Speaking of fobs, and faraday bags... Don't you have to take the fob out of the bag? It's not 100% right? I can tell you of a time I was at a shady motel and rolled my Harley inside the room at night! LOL! Cant do that with a truck though.
  3. Must live in a "Free State"! Some states will cite you "Illegal Discharge of a Firearm"!
  4. Never a good idea to shoot at anyone fleeing. You will lose everything, not just your truck.
  5. Ain't electronics wonderful. Years ago someone scanned my phone as I was on it in a car. (I was the passenger so don't go off on me.) But, whomever did it used my account to talk for hours to relatives in Australia! I really don't like all this new tech. How long ago did Gone In 60 Seconds come out. They were cloning fobs then. I remember back in the '70s they built a new subdivision by the John Wayne Airport (socal) and all the garage door openers were Stanley. Unfortunately, they were on the same radio frequency as some of the airplanes. So when planes would take off all the garage doors would salute them. LOL!
  6. Lots of good suggestions here as far as covering the vin and a hidden cut off switch for the fuel pump. I've used a hidden kill switch myself. And trackers work for locating it if it's taken. But if a tow truck snatcher really wants it say good bye. I've seen 4 guys with a couple pipes throw a screaming Harley into a truck in front of hundreds at a rally and when questioned said "it's a repo". I run a heavy chain through my parked trailer's wheels. If someone wants it they'll be draggin it. Just sayin... I think lots of flashing lights and loud siren will draw attention. Personally, I'll go out with my .45.
  7. I pulled the Transfer Case out of my '05 Yukon 4x4 and when I did a lot of ATF came out of the adapter. I pulled the adapter thinking there's a seal on the Transmission Output Shaft. Nothing! The Adapter had a ton of sealant on it too. The transmission was supposedly a reman last year. The shady shop that did it is no longer around. I know, my bad. But is there supposed to be a seal there? Please help.
  8. I bought a rebuild kit and the output shaft bearing is sealed. Any idea's why this is "upgraded" as they call it?
  9. Very good possibly since I noticed the clutch assy was noisy when I pulled it off. And when I removed the plates I found the steels looked burned. I'm replacing the clutch discs and the spring.
  10. Yeah, I've torn it completely apart and ordered a rebuild kit that includes the upgraded back case and for double protection a case saver insert for the pump too. Oh, also a new pump. So far, I've only found the front output shaft bearing to be noisy, as well as the clutch pack. So, new clutch, and the upgraded spring that's stamped steel vs the multi coil wave ring washer. Chain isn't any longer than the new one but it does "twist" a bit further in comparison. So, in with a new chain too. I'm really surprised I haven't found anything more disastrous! The new alloy aluminum rear case is heavier and much quieter when flicked with a fingernail. The original magnesium one sounds like a bell! Like I said, I can't find anything that would have duplicated the "rocks in a can" sound. I'm just afraid I'll rebuild it and still have that noise. Paranoia I guess.
  11. Hey, thanks for answering me on this. I thought I was in Purgatory or someplace like it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because I lyed under it with a stethoscope. It was noisiest at the front output of the Transfer Case.
  12. 42 views and no answers. Is this some sort of GOBC that I have to join? Where's all the experts?
  13. Hopefully someone can help me out here. 2005 GMC Yukon NP246 Transfer Case sounded like it had rocks in it so I yanked it out and tore it apart. A little history, it made the sound for a few seconds in park, reverse, and drive. Sound was most prominent at front shaft end of case. All gears work and shifted good. After pulling it I started the vehicle on stands just to hear the transmission. It was quite and smooth. When I opened the TC I fully expected to find some metal inside or perhaps a stretched chain rubbing the case. Nothing. Even the OE pump rub clip was still in place. Inside is super clean and it almost looks new with 196k on it. The needle bearings in the back case are a bit noisey and so is the clutch pack. What could make that noise? I'm leaning towards pump knock since it only happened for a few seconds in each gear. And I'm guessing the pump runs all the time correct? Even in Park. (?) Any help would be very appreciated.
  14. I have a 2012 Ram 2500 with the Cummins 6.7 Diesel. 800 ft lbs of torque. Very few issues with it I love it. It hauls our 5th wheel like its not even there. The first truck I ever owned that I can set the cruise control on while towing and it maintains the set speed going up hills or down. Exhaust brake kicks in going downhill. And with this year no DPF fluid adding with passive regeneration.
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