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  1. I've recently bought a 1990 GMC C6500 C7 with a 1968 moving truck box. It's for storage and hobby usage. It's only got 146k miles on it, but the oil hasn't been changed in many years. I can't find a truck mechanic to work on it, since it's a gas engine, but it mostly runs great. Questions: 1. What model oil filter does it need? 2. What kind of oil does it need? How much? 3. What other routine maintenance might a truck like this need and what should I be checking for? 4. According to the placard this truck just barely exceeds the gross weight requiring a CDL, but many similar models don't need one. I only need to move it a few times a year. What's the real law enforcement risk, if I get caught without a CDL? Are they even going to check the gross weight rating on an ordinary traffic stop? Any idea what the cheapest insurance I could get would be?
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