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  1. I tried searching and my google-fu isn't working. What exactly is the difference between the regular gmt800 crewcab rear seat and the HD crewcab rear seat? I've seen different parts that say they only fit one or the other and I don't know why. Also is there any other rear seat that swaps with the HD crewcab seat?
  2. Did some part number cross referencing and figured out a few things. The 1500HD uses all the same bumper brackets as the 2500HD from the same years. The actual bumper face is the same between the regular 1500 and the HD. It looks like the brackets are different just because of the slightly different rear frame on the HD trucks. Unless I'm completely off the swap to the newer bumper should work as long as the original HD brackets are used. I might be completely wrong about that though lol
  3. Hopefully someone has a link or experience that can help me with this. I've seen that the 2014+ step bumper from a 1500 is a direct bolt-on for the 99-07 1500, but I need to know if it's a bolt-on for the 1500HD before I spend hundreds on a new bumper. The brackets are different between the 1500 and the HD so I'm not sure if everything will still swap. I can also find a 2500 step bumper if that's a better fit for the 1500HD. I really want the step bumper since the truck sits a bit high, but I'm on a budget so taking it to a shop for welding work isn't a good option.
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