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  1. Hey, all. First post...here goes. Need some help troubleshooting a crank no start issue. I tried a search, but didn't find what I was looking for so if this has been asked before please let me know. Anyway... 99 K1500 5.7 is cranking, but not starting. The steps I've taken so far are: 1) Tested fuel pressure - 55psi. 2) Tested for spark at all the cylinders - nothing. 3) Tested for spark from the coil to the cap - nothing. 4) Tested voltage to coil and ICM - good at 12V. 5) Checked signal from ICM to coil - good continuity. 6) Swapped coils with known good one, twice - nothing. 7) Swapped ICM with known good one - nothing. Checked switching signal from PCM to ICM - on with key in off position. So, I stopped there because based on what I understand the switching signal is only suppose to be on when the engine is rotating. Why would it be on if the key is off?
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