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  1. +1 Didn't resolve here either. Update to ealier post: GM customer "care" escalated our case from the initial call and said we would hear back early this week, never called. We contacted them Wednesday evening and left a vm. The call we received back was they were closing our case and to let me know if we were still experiencing issues. What a joke. We're selling and are done with this apathetic posture by GM.
  2. If you have the same lateral movement of leaf springs as most, and as I do, I definitely wouldn't pay to replace the leaf springs. My brand new springs popped and made noise the day they were installed but only slightly. The dealer greased them and told me this was part of "normal" maintenance and there wasn't anything else they can do. It's been a week including one day of driving in rain and the new springs sound as bad as I've ever heard them.
  3. I videoed the drivers side leaf spring while the truck was backing and turning out of our driveway. You can hear and visually see the leaves moving laterally when the sounds occurs. The dealer did the torque, re-torque routine and also changed both leaf spring and torqued down again. The only fix was when he applied the lube between the leaves, which led to GM's fallback answer that leaf springs are a maintenance item. It's also easy to replicate this on my truck when it's sitting in the garage: grab the bed hand insert and shake the truck side to side. You can hear the exact sound the truck makes when backing out of the driveway and if you have someone hold the leaves, not in a way to pinch your hand, you can feel the popping and resonance from the leaves when someone is shaking the truck. As I said before, I know from doing this same "shake" test to the Titan, Tundra and F150, they don't exhibit any of these sounds or movement. Given GM has replaced leaf spring on several trucks over the years for this same issue, and none that I know of fixed the problem for more than a few months, in my opinion it seems there is an issue with the leaf mounting point or something similar. I find it hard to believe there is this prevalent of a manufacturing defect in the leaves, that has been going on for this long. If the mounting point are off by fractions than maybe it's putting the leaves in a bind........dont' know for sure but it amazes me GM isn't trying to permanently resolve.
  4. Quick update for everyone. Dealer installed new leaf springs and truck is still making the same racket. The quote I received from the tech working on the truck and service manager was "something is still clearly not right with the truck". This being said, he said GM isn't offering any further repairs or recommendations, other than to grease the leaves on an oil change schedule. Absolutely unreal this is the advice on any vehicle built today, and if this was "normal" F150, Titan and Tundra's would have the same issue. My problem is when stability control activates when hitting washout areas on the interstate due to the rear end jostling around, there is a major design and/or quality issue. I've had several GM trucks and vehicles and and as many others in this situation have said, never again. Such a shame.
  5. I'm unfortunately in the same camp with the ridiculous leaf spring issue. Like others have said, the dealer 1) Replaced the leaf inserts to no avail, 2) Loosened and re-torqued the suspension, including the U bolts. and most recently lubricated the springs. The dealer ordered new leaf springs for driver and passenger side and the truck goes back a 4th time to replace the garbage currently in the truck. Love the diesel/10 speed combo, and we purchased it to replace the Ram to tow our 27' camper. Don't feel comfortable towing anything with as much play, lateral movement and noise coming from the rear. Currently have 4k miles on the truck and can't say I'm too happy with GM after several good ownership experiences in the past. After spending some quality Google time I found this thread and how common the issue is. I also see a few have made it this far in the repair process before receiving the "we don't hear anything unusual", but I didn't see much on new leaf springs solving the issue. We firmly but calmly stated our position to the dealer and noted we didn't feel the truck is safe to tow a camper with our family. After several escalations and conversations they are begrudgingly installing the new springs. I'll post back once the install is complete and I have the "typical" 500 - 1000 miles on the truck afterwards, since this seems to be the distance it takes for the problem to recur.
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