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  1. Problem solved I installed a tru cool tranny cooler and drove around with my tt hooked and the hottest it got was 160, 125-130 without the trailer thanks everyone
  2. So i pulled of the t-stat opened it up and no it did not have a plug, the little deal inside was just flipped. I went ahead and tapped into it and placed a plug put the cap on and installed it.. but no luck i drove for a bit and still gets hot
  3. Thats what im thinking i let the sun go down and check it out myself I saw some videos on youtube and it dont look hard.. just got to pick wich one to do since there are different ways to do it
  4. So i drove for a little bit not very far so i just got the temp around 140 or so and checked the line.. well it did feel hot
  5. Reading off the little screen on the cluster
  6. Well the transmission has been rebuilt due to a bad converter so the transmission fluid should be new but idk what could be the problem.. my travel trailer weight 3,000 lbs barely feel it when towing it
  7. Whats up guys i drive a 2015 silverado z71 single cab and for some reason the transmission temp is at 24x when pulling my travel trailer.. ive done the thermostat mod and added a transmission cooler to it and it doesnt help a bit.. has anybody had any issues like this
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