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  1. Wondering if anybody has experienced the hard start, extended crank on warm days. The truck has 140,000 miles, 6.2L, 2007 occurs whether it’s warm outside or parked inside and warm (I.e.20+ C, 70+F). Only occurs during these conditions, perfectly fine on cooler days and first starts in the morning etc. Ran my handheld reader Innova scanner and no error codes, took to dealership, can’t duplicate or no errors codes. Changed the EVAP canister purge valve (located by the throttle body) but didn’t resolve, removed and cleaned the throttle body, removed and cleaned the MAF sensor as well, no change. Just ordered the Vapor Canister vent valve solenoid located below the vehicle above the spare tire by the fuel tank and runs to the filler cap. Thoughts or advice?
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