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  1. Took it to the dealer service and had them check it out...they said that my alignment was normal and the pulling to the right was because of road crown...I still think is BS.... it still pulls right on flat roads.
  2. I just got that same Icon Error today, and how my Bed View camera stopped working. Strangely, my bed lamp turns on instead when I press on the bed camera. Frustrating...I am going to call the dealer tomorrow
  3. took it to the dealer and they said they made some slight adjustment. Been driving for about 3 days, when camping with it...still pull slight right. Dealer said its the road crown... Still annoyed...
  4. Hey All, I just bought my 2500HD Denali couple weeks ago. I put in about thousand miles on it. Today on road, i realized I tend to stir toward the left more to counter act the truck pull right. It is very subtle and for awhile I thought I was tripping out...but sure enough, I have to keep my steering rotated slightly counter clockwise because again the truck wants to pull right. I am glad I found this forum and that some others are also experiencing the same. I am hoping when I call the dealer they will resolve this issues. Has anyone else got it fixed by their dealer/service?
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