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  1. My headliner was done using the original fabric just for the sake of keeping it original.
  2. I got these from Summit Racing website. Good fit and direct replacement.
  3. Little update: Did the window seals. Here's the before pictures and the next post will be the after.
  4. Little update: Truck now has AC Its dropped off at the shop getting worked on and should be back to me before the weekend with a fresh headliner and a tuneup
  5. Today I cleaned up alot of the gunk out of the engine bay getting ready for the mechanic on tuesday. Also cleaned the seat cover and threw it back on the bench until I decide what im doing with the seat. My headliner is postponed until sometime next week so I ordered some missing bits and pieces I needed. Tomorrow the mission is to get the underbody steam washed and fix a start issue. It cranks for what feels like too long before starting. If anyone has reccomendations on batteries shoot them my way I'm all ears. Also what gas are you guys running ? Maybe a higher octane is what is needed.
  6. Thank you, the fact that it has almost no rust is the best part to me. The grass is always greener on the other side, am I right? Its funny you don't notice a car until you get one. I'm seeing these more and more now.
  7. My new mechanic friend has given me something worth its weight in gold. And the paint scheme of the truck on the front cover just finishes it off. I will definitely be using this parts catalog in the near future. To anyone wondering, it's a complete parts catalog for rigs this old where parts aren't exactly easily accessible.
  8. Sorry for the single picture per post, the file sizes were too big to upload together. Only 3 days into owning the truck, and I've met several enthusiasts and people who've helped me along the way from upholstery, to mechanic recommendations, to appraisal specialists, to insurance agents. All great people who love the square body trucks. Its opening my eyes to the great community here in my area and the help I've gotten is so appreciated. I'm getting the truck worked on this weekend and have an appointment with my mechanic on Tuesday for a tune-up. After talking with him for about a half hour I decided I'm only taking the truck to his shop. He really knows what he's talking about and is a c10 owner himself. I'm getting the oil changed, tranny flushed, and spark plug wires replaced. Will update on the work done. I decided I'm redoing the headliner but keeping the bench seat original. I'll throw a cover on it for now so it doesn't wear any more than it has.
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