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  1. agreed. 2wd, on the right tire (shorter height drag radial) , with a solid 60' time id bet 12s wouldn't be out of the question.
  2. On dragy my truck has gone 13.7 a few times... I can't seem to 60' better than around a 2.0 and if i could get that to a 1.8-1.9 id have a 13.4-13.5 slip.
  3. He says the only thread he saw was about diesel tanks. Empty driving isn't a concern. Tow a trailer getting 9-12 then the tiny tank becomes a pickle
  4. Crew cab short bed or standard bed? max tow or no?
  5. I was looking for a thread of times but didn't find much. Thanks
  6. solid write up. i think your trailer weight guess is a good amount off though. your trailer empty should be 5600-5710lbs or so.... GVWR is the max your trailer should weigh while towing WITH gear/water/etc counted in.
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