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  1. Can you tell us exactly what you did to get it to work on the carbon pro? Thats the tonneau im really set on.
  2. Did you ever get those tow hooks powdercoated? I'd be willing to do a straight swap for my AT4 tow hooks if you haven't.
  3. Do you have any pics from the front or rear? Id like to see how far they stick out.
  4. Looks great! Perfect amount of rake. I think this is the route I will be going for sure.
  5. Yeah thats what i'm looking for. Just a slight rake. Im not really into the completely level look, especially when its squatting under load.
  6. Finally somebody did it. I was wondering about the BDS 2.5" Kit. I'm sold after looking at your setup. You didnt post any pics of the BDS without the trailer. Does it still have rake? I'd like to keep the rake.
  7. Sorry to ressurect the dead but these guys will build a custom fuel tank.... http://www.aerotanks.com/main/Products.html
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